Angelspit - Blood Death Ivory (2008)

Angelspit - Blood Death Ivory (2008)

Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Electro,
Label: Dancing Ferret Discs

Cyber-noise electro-punk terror twins from down under. Distortion, beats, and attitude. Alternating male vocals and female spoken vocals reminiscent of Chicks on Speed or Nicole Blackman. A strong medical fetish aesthetic informs their visuals. Recommended for fans of Skinny Puppy or Combichrist. "Blood Death Ivory" is the Aussie twosome's follow-up to "Krankhaus," which became one of Dancing Ferret's best-selling debut albums ever. Once again, the band doesn't skimp on the visuals, delivering a lush booklet with an eye-catching cover that jumps right off the shelves. "Blood Death Ivory" contains eleven songs guaranteed to defibrillate the heart of electronic music.

01 Grind
02 Paint Hell Red
03 Devilicious
04 Skinny Little Bitch
05 Red
06 Kill Kitty
07 Lust Worthy
08 Shaved Monkey
09 Girl Poison
10 Homo-Machinery
11 Jugular


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