Artifact - Only Salvation (2008)

Artifact - Only Salvation (2008)

GENRE: Industrial Metal
LABEL: Spiralchords Records

With "The Only Salvation", Norway's Artifact offer us a multifaceted adventure that blends gothic, rock, metal and industrial elements in a remarkably strong way. Juicy riffs, crunchy synths and huge choruses amalgamate with varied atmospheres which pend between aggressive volcanos ("Dead Eyes", "New Messiah") and emotional, thoughtful beauty ("Scapegoated & Demonized"). A highly tasty gateau for all who're addicted to exciting guitar versus electronic switchbacks!

1. The Only Salvation
2. New Messiah
3. Dead Eyes
4. Weeping For a Suicide
5. Senseless (feat. Jan Kenneth Barkved)
6. Truth Forgotten
7. One More Shot (feat. Jan Kenneth Barkved)
8. Revolution
9. Scapegoated & Demonized
10. The Machine
11. Bled


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