HUMAN DRAMA - Feel (1989)

HUMAN DRAMA - Feel (1989)

Genre: alternative rock, rock, gothic rock
Label: RCA Records

Human Drama is a gothic rock/dark wave band led by singer/songwriter Johnny Indovina. They are primarily known for playing a mixture of sad acoustic and gothic atmospheric melodies. Although they don't count themselves as being only a gothic band, they are often named so by music critics.

Human Drama began in New Orleans in 1980 as the Models, and fueled by a couple of self-produced singles and compilation album cuts, they soon climbed to the top of the local mountain. Human Drama's musical influences stem from artists such as Joy Division, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, David Bowie, and Leonard Cohen, among others. By 1985 they had relocated to Los Angeles where they changed their name to Human Drama and quickly became prominent in what was at the time the most celebrated and influential music scene in the world. The legendary "Scream Scene" developed around an underground LA club called Scream, and spawned dozens of major label acts, including Guns N' Roses and Jane's Addiction. It was here that Human Drama built a reputation and following through their intense, atmospheric performances.

Human Drama was signed to RCA Records in 1988 and released both an EP, "Hopes, Prayers, Dreams, Heart, Soul, Mind, Love, Life, Death", and an LP, "Feel", a year later. When RCA failed to provide adequate promotional support, Indovina asked for the band's release.

1 Death Of An Angel
2 Never Never
3 I Could Be A Killer
4 Tumble
5 Through My Eyes
6 The Waiting Hour
7 Dying In A Moment Of Splendor
8 Heaven On Earth
9 There Is Only You

HUMAN DRAMA - Feel (1989)

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  1. Hi! Is it possible to download Human Drama's "Feel" album? I clicked on the MediaFire link, but the site says it's set to private, and wouldn't let me access the file. I've been looking for this album for a really long time, and I was excited to see that you even posted the original cover art for it. If it's not meant to be downloaded, then that's fine, but I was just wondering if being set to private was some sort of mistake. Thank you! -- Tracy

  2. Anonymous says:

    try, this new link .... :)