Lamb - Remixed (2005)

Lamb - Remixed (2005)

GENRE:Drum n Bass
STYLE: Downtempo, Abstract, Drum n Bass, Experimental
LABEL: Mercury (UK)

In 2006, the U.K. electronica act Lamb (singer Louise Rhodes and musical mastermind Andrew Barlow) followed up its '04 retrospective and BACK TO MINE mix with yet another collection. Essentially a companion piece to BEST KEPT SECRETS, the two-disc REMIXED features the duo's IDM contemporaries offering their takes on some of Lamb's finest songs. While some tunes are interpreted multiple times, no rendition sounds the same--Mr. Scruff's dreamy version of "Gold," for example, is nothing like Autechre's stuttering, abstract reworking of the same track. Although some remixes downplay Rhodes's emotive vocals, they all bring out fascinating aspects of Barlow's trip-hop-oriented compositions.

This stunning 2CD package collecting remixes across the career of one of Manchester's most cutting edge electronica bands. Compiled with the full co-operation and involvement of the band, the liner notes take the listener through track by track giving Lou and Andy's thoughts on each reinterpretation of their originals, some of which they confess to now preferring to their own original. "Lamb Remixed" is not only a must-have item for fans of the band but also exists as a compilation of cutting-edge nineties emixologists/producers, when the dance remix was truly in it's hey-day, as it draws on the likes of Autechre, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tom Middleton, Rae and Christian and pioneers Global Communications. It features rare and sought after mixes , including the Autechre mix of GOLD, John Belpaese's wonderful interpretation of "Sweet" and the Mezzowave mix of "Please", as well as those considered staples in their catalogue.

[Tracklist:] CD 01 :
01 Lamb Vs. Cosmos - What Sound (Tom Middleton Deep Step mix)
02 Cottonwool (A Guy Called Gerald mix)
03 God Bless (Wagon Christ mix)
04 Gold (Mr Scruff mix)
05 Softly (Bola remix)
06 Gold (Autechre mix)
07 Little Things (Klute mix)
08 Gabriel (Si Beggs 5.1 Futures remix)
09 Please (Max Jasper Mezzowave mix)
10 Wonder (Lento mix 1)
11 Heaven (Funkstörung mix)

CD 02 :
01 Alien (Photek remix)
02 Trans fatty acid (Kruder and Dorfmeister remix)
03 All in your hands (Rae and Christian remix)
04 B.line (Andy Votel mix)
05 Gorecki (Global Communication mix)
06 Gabriel (MJ Cole remix)
07 Wonder (Dead Guys vocal mix)
08 Sweet (Soulchild radio mix)
09 Cottonwool (Fila Brazilia mix)

Lamb - Remixed (2005)
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