Honeymoon Killers - Hung Far Low (1991)

Honeymoon Killers - Hung Far Low (1991)

Style: Noise, Blues, Power, Alternative, Garage, Indie,
Label: Fist Puppet rec.

For this album, the band's lineup consists of core members Jerry Teel and Lisa Wells, along with two members of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Jon Spencer and Russell Simins). They play a harsh version of heavy blues-rock that emphasizes abrasive raw power instead of virtuosic instrumental improvisation or a steady boogie groove. Characterized by distorted guitars and howled vocals, their approach is so dispassionate that they achieve a semi-mechanical feel despite sounding very loose. Although they manage to drain all the fun out of "Mr. Big Shot," for example, the group makes enough concessions to conventional song structure to keep this album from descending into anarchic noise. It's not exactly a good time, but it is listenable and occasionally even interesting. ~ Todd Kristel, All Music Guide.

1. Mad Dog
2. Kansas City Milkman
3. Mr. Big Stuff
4. Vanna White (Goddess Of Love)
5. You Can't Do That
6. Quittin' Time
7. Devil's Jump
8. Tanks A Lot
9. Fannie Mae
10. Scootch Says
11. Something's Wrong
12. Madwoman Blues
13. Whole Lotta Crap Additional notes

Recorded and mixed at Fun City, Bair Tracks and Noise New York.

Honeymoon Killers - Hung Far Low