Jarboe and Jesu's Justin K. Broadrick - J2 (2008)

Jarboe and Jesu's Justin K.
Broadrick - J2 (2008)

Style: Alternative, Avant garde, Experimental
Label: The End rec.

The pairing of Jarboe and Jesu's Justin K. Broadrick makes a lot of sense. The two met at a concert in London in 2005 and decided to work together on a project. Individually their music is experimental, unusual and genre-defying, and anticipation on what they would come up with together was high. J2 is not an easy listen. It can be very dissonant with repetitive and piercing music. It can also be very soothing and beautiful. Broadrick creates sonic tapestries that aren't about hooks and riffs, but atmosphere and vibe. The CD gets off to a rough start with "Decay," but settles in much better after that.
Jarboe's vocals are also very experimental and unusual. There are a lot of effects and overlapping used on her voice, which is sometimes sweet, other times abrasive. J2 is not for everyone. It takes a open minded listener who likes avant garde and experimental music to appreciate everything Jarboe and Justin K. Broadrick are doing here.

1. Decay
2. Let Go
3. Magick Girl
4. Romp
5. Tribal Limo
6. 8mmSweetBitter

Jarboe and Jesu's Justin K. Broadrick - J2

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  1. my dark side of the soul jarboe

  2. Great blog. I love Jarboe and just about every Justin Broadrick project, so I'm looking forward to this. No RSS feed?