Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter (1982)

Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter (1982)

Genre: Industrial
Style: Experimental,
Avant Garde, Noise, Power, Industrial
Label: Virgin rec.

The album title `Schlagende Wetter`, points to the dreaded air-methane gas mix, that then as now has been the cause for many mine catastrophes, it was 1981, Kowalski's sound had little to do with the `Neuen Deutschen Welle`, the german media mostly ignored them, if at all then they were marked as melomaniac, neonazis and arrogant assholes. Rather shallow and contorted response for a band that was way ahead of its time. Their noisy pulsating steelmachines rock sounded industrial aswell as lively and even introverted like in Liliom and Peinsame Zeit. Latter, where they used a Hitler speech sample which they droned out, still got them labelled neonazis -the Germans are supersensative when it comes to Hitler (still ). Nevertheless "Schlagende Wetter" an album without ( !) keyboards, is a classic, no doubt whatsoever here ! Kowalski looked abroad and toured extensivly in the UK and the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, played at festivals (Roskilde, Pandoras box) their shows made a big impression (some still rant about it), anyway they got good feedback from international press and public, but in the end sold too little albums. German Virgin, the label that had contracted them thanks to their producer Conny Planck, dumped the too contraversial Kowalski, even when with "der arbeiter" they had a hit in the alternative clubscene. Their next work Zigeunerbaron (12inch) was released by metal label SPV, this relationship went sour very quickly. Kowalski was no more, they somehow had become nongrata (berufsverbot ?) in Germany. Singer and band initiator Uwe Fellensieck, became an actor..in fact his first role and a cameo appearance for Kowalski was in the first Schimanski Tatort „Duisburg Ruhrort“. In 1996 a small label, Zardoz finally released "Schlagende Wetter" on cd- had been looking out for it a long time. Wouldnt it be nice it got a decent remastering one day. It would blow you away, well for now you will have to do with this. I added the slightly different english mixes, and a lyrics sheet. Credit is due to industrial godfathers Kowalski.

Line up
Uwe Fellensiek – vocals; Rüdiger Elze (aka LC) – guitar; Hans Bäär (aka Hans Maahn) – bass; Rüdiger Braune – drums

01 - Der Körper Bin Ich (4:04)

02 - Stahlmaschinen (4:54)

03 - Komm Hier (2:32)

04 - Eine Peinsame Zeit (5:03)

05 - Indianer (3:17)

06 - Ultradeterminanten (6:27)
07 - Massenhass (3:42)
08 - Zauberer (2:32)

09 - Liliom (5:44)

10 - Der Arbeiter (4:48)

bonus english mixes (vinyl)

11 - The Body Is Me

12 - Steelmachines

13 - Massenhass

14 - Magicians

Kowalski - Schlagende Wetter
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