Rotersand [Special]

Rotersand [Special]

Rotersand is a German electronic music act (The name Rotersand is derived from an old offshore lighthouse in the North Sea that year in year out defies nature’s powers in solitude and dignity.), formed in September of 2002 by Gunther Gerl (Gun) and Rascal Nikov with producer Krischan Wesenberg joining shortly after. Rasc is cofounder and the creative engine of “The Fair Sex” - one of the most renowned “old school" ebm bands in Europe and the U.S.

While co-producer of the band from the early 90's on, Gun almost became an invisible member of TFS. Since then, Gun and Rasc have repeatedly joined forces in projects such as “1 am” (Music Research) and “Warm” (Tetsuo Records) and now “Rotersand”. Krischan joined Rotersand in autumn 2002. As Resident DJ of clubs like “Planet ” in Bochum and “Broadway” in Essen he released tracks and mixes on Thee Blak Label, Radikal Fear, Force Inc and React. His meaty club-background perfectly complements Rasc’s solid ebm roots and Gun’s elaborate “pop-approach”.

Prior to working in Rotersand, Rasc and Gun had collaberated together on other projects. Rotersand’s music can generally be described as but with influences from styles such as and .

Releases by Rotersand have reached high positions in the German Alternative Charts, the Nordic Alternative Charts and the Dutch Alternative Charts. The band has also toured with Assemblage 23, has played at Dark City Festival and is scheduled to play Infest in 2006. They also accompanied Covenant on their Skyshaper tour, also in 2006.

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2003 - Truth Is Fanatic
2005 - Welcome To Goodbye
2007 - 1023
2009 - Random Is Resistance

2003 - Merging Oceans
2005 - Exterminate Annihilate Destroy
2006 - Dare To Live
2008 - I Cry
2009 - War On Error

Limited Edition Releases
2004 - Electronic World Transmission Pass:
2004 - Social Distortion (Limited 12" vinyl) Pass: vampi

2004 - Live At Bochum Total (22 June 2007)