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In 1994, the members of what was to become Arab on Radar (Arab on Radar are a Providence, Rhode Island based noise rock band ) were all applying for jobs at Electric Boat, a Groton, Connecticut-based company that manufactures nuclear and Trident submarines.

The origins of Arab on Radar's band name are unknown. However in an interview with the New York Press, the band responded to a question on how their politics have changed over the years.After going back and forth to the company for three days, and taking a series of three tests lasting 17 hours, the members became friends. On the final day of testing, the members went out for drinks to celebrate. After a few beers, they decided to start a band. A girl named Andrea was sitting in the bar at the time that said she would play bass.

Ironically, she had just been fired from a clerk position at Electric Boat. After a short period of time, the band received rejection letters from the company. Having no other place to turn for a full-time job (Electric Boat was one of the only gigs available to the uneducated Ñ which the band was at the time) Arab on Radar was born. While the band was opening for Marilyn Manson at a Providence club called Babyhead, they were chased out of the club by angry audience members.

Arab on Radar's early sound was typified by thickly distorted, repeated bass grooves, 4/4 drum beats, and two deafening guitars that employed contrasting melodies and near-unison chords that drew comparisons to the Contortions. Their live shows often featured spitting, trisomic parody, and full nudity. After Andrea Fiset's departure, the band developed a more straight-ahead sound and they began to draw (often disparaging) comparisons to Sonic Youth. Arab on Radar may be considered catalysts for the revival of no wave (also called neo-no wave), a scene that began to gain popularity with bands like Lightning Bolt and the Locust in the early part of the 21st century.

After some rough beginnings, Arab on Radar finally started to become a cohesive unit that was desperate and downtrodden enough to take an attempt at redefining music. They even went so far as to drop their names from association with the group, because they felt the focus was on the songs and the idea of Arab on Radar, as opposed to the people creating the music. The band's first album, titled Queen Hygiene II, appeared on the Providence, Rhode Island label Herapin Records in 1997. Herapin's owner, Jeff Toste of Laurels and Bossman fame, took an interest in the group.

Then, in November of 1998, the Boston-based OpPoPop imprint issued Arab on Radar's second full-length album Rough Day at the Orifice. Andrea left the band shortly after the release, leaving them without a bass player, yet the band decided to continue onward.

Following their second LP, Arab on Radar signed to Skin Graft in 1999 through their affiliation with Weasel Walter, (known for his work with the label's Flying Luttenbachers and Lake of Dracula) and their east coast tour with Skin GraftÕs Colossamite. This signing led to the April 2000 release of their third full-length, Soak the Saddle, which was produced by Walter. A month after the album came out, the band issued a split 7" on the GSL label with grind-synth rock band the Locust. Arab on Radar followed the releases with their first European tour in late summer 2000.
ARAB ON RADAR are renowned for their incomparable live shows . Audience members have been known to have SEIZURES, HEART ATTACKS, and HEIGHTENED STATES OF SEXUAL AROUSAL while watching the band perform.Three One G released an Arab On Radar DVD entitled "Sunshine for Shady People," in 2008. It includes a short documentary and footage from a number of live performances. All of Arab on Radar's album cover art was created by Matt Brinkman. On April 13, 2010 Justin Pearson announced on his facebook page that Arab on Radar has reformed. On April 26, Skin Graft Records announced that Arab on Radar would perform at Dude Fest 2010, with more tour dates to follow.

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