Mombu is a project of Luca T. Mai (Zu) and Antonio Zitarelli (Neo/Surgical Beat Bros). They create a new musical sound alchemy mixing african rhythms, jazz, hardcore and metal. They released three albums on Subsound Records: Mombu (2011), Zombi (2012) and Niger (2013). Mombu collaborated with Mike Watt (Minuteman / Iggy Pop & The Stooges), Mbar Ndiaye (Griot of Senegal), Sena M’baye (Griot of Senegal), Giulio The Bastard (Cripple Bastards), S. Husky Höskulds (Sound Engineer), James Plotkin (Producer) and much more. On February 2015 they will release a new project with Oddateee, a cool American artist, produced by Subsound Records and they’re working on new album too. Mombu also have a project called “Improbabile”, a workshop on radical improvisation.
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Mombu is the new project of Luca T. Mai bariton sax player of Zu the amazing Italian band, and Antonio Zitarelli drummer of Neo crazy Italian trio. This duo, sax and drums joins african rhythms with their jazz, hardcore and metal experience, to create a new musical alchemy. The monstrous afro/grind of mombu will mesmerize like a purifing Voodoo.