Babalith is a Portuguese project that creates Electroacoustic Ritual Musics intended to cause altered states of perception within the listener.  
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Babalith is a portuguese project from the sourthern shores of river Tejo, between Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise and Psychadelic. The project was born 2008, after a Live Act at Espaço Reflexo where Aeolia Capitolina, Hyaena Reich and Orryelle Defenstrate-Bascule played. Babalith, already weaving and teasing the web in other arts, assimilated the experience into her womb. She meant to cause altered states of perception through sound experience and to denounce that which people love the most that is that which lurks in their many-eyed shadow. If new ways of making music would by these means emerge, so much the better. Babalith's influences soon grew up to be ambient, ethnic music, everyday sounds, even tho she sips a bit of psy trance at 2011.

Some odd people reunited around Babalith sometimes, people who would teach dead languages and play long forgotten instruments. 2009 launches Babalith in Silver Star Radio, at which she plays in solestices. She would take flesh at Silkmilk's DVD, from the australian Inspiralink Productions. She then dreamed of making odd soundscapes for bizarre theatrical plays, so doing. Albano Ruela initiates Babalith's spools into videoart, tho they would later be produced by herself, the lizzard witch.

Le Musqueé du Pape Femme, exploring deserts of electricity, is launched by Necrosymphonic Entertainment and receives Abismo Humano art association's support. Later she would cope and cudlle with Korvustronik Org and... we are here now, aren't we? I'm just a stupid conjunction of bones, idiot. Listen how I crackle...
- Sombre Soniks Studio -

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