POGROM is a well known Lithuanian power electronics/noise project that does not need a wide introduction. POGROM contains all the essential elements of power electronics: multi-layered medium consisting of noise generators, highly distorted vocals, synthesizer-based sections, negatively charged visuals and shocking ideas. Recently POGROM has slowed down the live activities and during “Armageddon Descends V” he plans to present a new album and strike with full rage.
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POGROM - Power Electronics / Noise act from Lithuania. Main elements of Power Electronics are present in his sound - multilayered sounds of analog noise generators, powerful vocals, synths, junk and usually disgusting visual appearance. In his last album POGROM explored themes of European Islamisation of Europe and after that, for quite some time politics were left behind. New material from upcoming full length will be presented in "Armageddon Descends". No feelings or philosophy, just audio violence and yet another theme for another gig. Lately the project was quite active with live gigs in Lithuania, but as for 2015, this is the last chance to see POGROM in Vilnius.

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