Khost is a side-project of Andy Swan (Iroha, Final) started in Birmingham in 2013. First live shows are with Damian Bennett (Carthage). The debut album 'Copper Lock Hell' - featuring contributions from Tunnels of Ah, Kevin Laska and Eugene Robinson - was released by Cold Spring Records in September 2014
Andy Swan
Damian Bennett
 - - -
Khost are a Birmingham, UK based duo, made up of Andy Swan (Iroha / Final) and Damian Bennett
(carthage / 16-17 / Cortex / Gauge/ Deathless / Techno Animal).
Since their inception in 2013, they have toured extensively with Godflesh and Conan as well as sharing stage with Asphyx, Locrian, Vodun, OvO, Final/JK Flesh, and more, with collaborators
including Eugene Robinson of Oxbow, Daniel Buess and other sources providing saxophone, cello and voice for their wide-ranging recordings. They have also been remixed by D&B artists Hostage and Necrobia.
They have two albums ‘Copper Lock Hell’ and ‘Corrosive Shroud’ (8/10, Terrorizer magazine) plus forthcoming releases such as an EPremixed by Justin Broadrick/Godflesh, a limited run cassette and a new album. They will tour Israel in May with dates to follow.
“Even before I found out about who Khost were, and wondered why and how they’ve managed to disgorge the divinely deranged document that is Corrosive Shroud, I could tell they were from
Birmingham. They have that sense of music being crushed out of them that all the best heavy Brum bands have, that sense that they grew up under a car park, didn’t see sunlight until they were well into their twenties, that same dazed, extreme feel of oppressive concrete overload that Sabbath
and Godflesh and Nathrakh and Mistress had…. ”
(The Quietus)
Khost use samples layered underneath massive riffs, slow and very very loud.
They are also very very good. The sound is complex and draws you in.”
(Louder Than War)
“…slabs of twin guitar drone and snail paced gargantuan riffs, marshalled into order by immense overdriven drum machine soldiers, while lulls in the assault are dominated by ethereal voices, found sounds and rather lush and spellbinding ambinces.”
(Midlands Metalheads)
Khost bring the industrial back to this Brummish land of abandoned factories and broken glass… Part menacing, part esoteric, the duo move little and provide no further show or explanation behind their mechanical presence”
 (The Sleeping Shaman)
“The West Midlands of England has yet another grimy, hooded secret. One as cacophonous and electrifying as Birmingham duo Khost, however, surely cannot be suppressed much longer. Second album Corrosive Shroud (Cold Spring) begins with the sample-driven Industrial swell that defines their sound: a sonic barrage, delivered at an oft-crushingly slow pace, yet fed by walls of the most pulverising low-end chords you’re ever likely to experience… Having given us Sabbath, Napalm Death, Godflesh, and Anaal Nathrakh, Birmingham – and Khost – has just provided Metal’s latest evolution.”

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