Kriegbereit [Special]

Dominique Lallement formed Kriegbereit, one of the first French industrial/EBM bands to get recognition outside of France, in the mid '80s. In 1996, Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242) and Dominique Lallement formed the short lived Cobalt 60, and then in 2002 Dominique formed K-Bereit with friend Frédéric Sebastien.

Kriegbereit is a fine example of what the late '80s EBM scene was producing. You'll instantly remember hearing "Power" as soon as the first synth line is hammered out.

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1988 - 87/88 (Cass, Album)
1989 - Le Pacte D'Acier (MiniAlbum)
1991 - Maschinenkunst (Cass, Album)
1994 - A Forest (Maxi)

1991 - Klinikal Operation: European Techno Compilation
2009 - A[nother] FOREST

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