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Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Tuesday, July 03, 2012
Beinhaus [Special]

Beinhaus makes "Neue Deutsche Industrie" as they call it themselves. This means industrial music made by a different kind of mostly metal percussion: cans, blades, pipes, glass, stone, etc.

1994. Beinhaus was founded by R. Karliczek, M. Schroeder and D. Vawter. 2000. make CD "Das Wort Muss Eine Waffe Sein" [The Word Needs To Be A Weapon]. 2002. CD "beinhaus.exe". The guitarist quits the band. "Beinhaus.exe" is the highest ranked CD without label in the dutch underground charts. Live performances: e.g. xtreactor festival in arnheim (nl) 2003. CD "metall::digital 0.6" experiments with breakbeats and metal percussion-loops. The CD was never finished as it was first of all planned and keeps the version number 0.6. 2004. Ulrike Bergmann joins Beinhaus. Her influence creates a more organic and experimental sound. Concerts in Germany, France and Belgium. Due to difficulties performing on a small stage, the metal-percussion takes place in the audience. This performance is maintained with further liveperformances. The CD "EIN AUS" [in out/on off] is recorded. During 10 years of existence, Beinhaus has grown to a band with individual sound, and furthermore a convincing and intensive live performance.
… Music and Performance:
the sound of beinhaus is shaped by the duality of electronic sound production [ beats, sequences and samples] and the organic components: live drumming on metal-percussion such as oildrums, sheet metals or saw blades.
the clear, classical singing of ulrike bergmann corresponding with the urgent voice of robert karliczek. the experimental sound production using metal, wood, flex and fragments of glass by marko schroeder.

the whole performance in interaction among each other and with the audience. due to the sound components and the german lyrics, beinhaus are often compared to (old) einstürzende neubauten. nevertheless beinhaus has an own identity, which carries most clearly with the live-performance to come: action, tension, intensity, emotion and energy. hardness and strain against themselves and against the public. beinhaus plays a live-performance in order to leave a drastic impression and a highly convincing performance. by this means, beinhaus is not fixed on a specific scene or subculture… new german industry! why should we perform a kind of music that already exists?

[ Releted links]

1996 - Töne werden Klingen
1998 - Zorn
2000 - Das Wort muß eine Waffe sein
2002 - BEINHAUS.exe
2003 - Metall::digital 0.6
2004 - EIN AUS

2004 - Elektroanschlag Vol.8 – 6CD

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Saturday, June 23, 2012
Saturday, June 23, 2012
Mauthausen Orchestra [Special]

One of the early Italian power-electronics projects, Mauthausen Orchestra, in the person of Pierpaolo Zoppo, started in 1982, releasing tapes on his own label Aquilifer Sodality. His work explored morbid subjects, usually extreme sex, perversion, tortures and disease, and the sound was a brutal collage of noise, electronics distortions and inhuman vocals. Mauthausen Orchestra stopped in 1986, some recordings from 1988 were published ten years later by Xn Recordings. In 1997 Zoppo resurrected the project and released some new material, while a series of reissues of the early cassettes was published by Slaughter Productions.


1982, Italy. Pierpaolo Zoppo starts releasing his own tapes of his project Mauthausen Orchestra under the label "Aquilifer Sodality". Combing through topics such as sexual violence, perversion, torture and murder and picking them apart with the right maneuver as to not come off as cheap and careless is not an easy task.

Where the people of one decade find their horrific scenery another decade finds its jokes. Mauthausen Orchestra's atmosphere, one of true debauchery and calculated sickness, coalescing with the sobering awe of his industrial racket blanketed by the 80's true lo-fidelity, raw recording procedures has yet to truly be matched. His early sound traversed a good deal of ground from the sharp and violent piles of feedback and synth work forcefully fed to you, to long chapters of grinding precision and tape manipulation pulling pieces out of itself and building upon it. Maurizio Bianchi was such an obvious influence on most of his work, especially up until "Bloodyminded", that it would be impossible to write anything on Mauthausen Orchestra without mentioning his name at least once. In all of these early recordings one thing can be agreed upon, it was always dirty.

My introduction to this project was "Anal Perversions" and it displays Zoppo's range perfectly in two lengthy and harsh tracks. Some may prefer more variation of material such as "Murderfuck", or the damaging assaults of "Uneasiness", so I also recommend that everyone go out and find "5 Year of Slaughter", or even better, "Gravitational Arch of Sex". Both of which collect the assortment of material from his 3 greatest sound periods (check the link at the bottom of this article to download material from 1982-1986).The project took a rest in 1986 and besides re-releases of the 1982-1986 collection, M.O. didn't wake back up until 1997 with the creation of "Raising Vapors" co-released by Body and Blood and Bloodlust! records. The sound of "Raising Vapors" took a lot from the old Italian sound they helped create and added variation to it. The violence was not as heavy and brutal as it was before, instead it was more minimalistic, the discipline was more exacting. "Lost Boys In Town" displayed a lot of the same characteristics as the previous works but, to me, it seemed even more relaxed.

The reason for the change in name, from Manthausen Orchestra to M.O., is unknown to me but the change in sound is very apparent and it is often argued whether or not these two releases should even be considered "Power Electronics". In 1999 M.O. released one of their most talked about LP's, "Kiss The Carpet", an extremely violent and heavy look at human dysfunction. Wherever the last two releases lacked virility and sheer brutality, "Kiss the Carpet" displayed it in spades. From this point on I lost interest in M.O.'s material. Later material such as "Smooth Hate" and "Where Are We Going?" plays on minimalistic Noise with a deep and, in my opinion, boring ambiance.A good number of acts followed including his country-mate Atrax Morgue who re-releases many of M.O.'s tapes during the 90's. Later on, groups such as Taint, Liver Mortis and Pleasure Fluids, some of my current favorites, took note and began to dust off the old niche.

[ Releted links]

1982 - Mauthausen Orchestra
1983 - 2nd Movement
1983 - Necrofellatio HERE 1 + HERE 2
1983 - Conflict
1983 - From Homicide To Slaughter
1983 - Dedicated To J. Goebbels
1983 - Murderfuck
1984 - Bloodyminded
1984 - Mafarka
1984 - Uneasiness
1985 - Anal Perversion
1986 - Host Sodomy
1990 - Five Years Of Slaughters
1995 - Gravitational Arch Of Sex
1997 - Raising Vapours HERE 1 -and- HERE 2
2000 - Necrofellatio / Mafark
2008 - Where Are We Going?
2009 - Nimh & Mauthausen Orchestra -From Unhealthy Place
2010 - Digression
2010 - M
2012 - Dramatisch
2012 - MB & MO - Spiritual Noises
2012 - Host Sodomy (Reissue)

Singles & EPs
1984 - Vernichtung Lebenunwerten Leben
1985 - They Never Learn
1999 - Lost In Boyz Town #
1999 - Kiss The Carpet #
2006 - Smooth Hate
2009 - High Opinion Of Oneself Comp.
2007 - Broken Flag: A Retrospective 1982-1985
2009 - Sonic Deprivation
2010 - Forbidden Ground


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Tuesday, May 15, 2012
La NomenKlaTur [Special]

Industrial project from France, active from the middle eighties until the early nineties. La Nomenklatur is part of the Les Nouvelles Propagandes - family around Tiburce (La Nomenklatur, Minamata, Sonntag, Tiburce). Philippe Escartin from France is the mind behind: La Nomenklatur, Minamata, Sonntag and Tiburce. The sound of La Nomenklatur can be described as a very intensive mix of old school industrial sounds, extreme vocals, atmospheric and melodic parts, metal percussions and intelligent used samples.

La Nomenklatur seems to be a project between old school industrial and post industrial genres like power electronics and martial industrial. . Tiburce seems to be more Ambient / Modern Classical / Experimental in
sound compared to La Nomenklatur.

[ Releted links]

1986 - La Légende Des Voix
1987 - Être Et Durer
1988 - Asile De Nuit
1988 - Interdépendance Interpénétration
1989 - Brume / La Nomenklatur - End Of Symptom Dump / Meosta
1990 - La Nomenklatur / Dva Met Dva Nichts* - L'Apparition / Hitsig
1990 - Autoportrait
1992 - La Nomenklatur / Stigma Pronuclei - 1986-1988 / Dervishes Of The Disgust
1992 - Le Triomphe De La Volonté
2011 - World At War

1986 - Émergence Du Refus Volume 4
1988 - Cris Et Mouvements
1988 - Le Pacte
1988 - Cobwebs


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Friday, May 4, 2012
Friday, May 04, 2012
KiEw [Special]

KiEw began with avant-garde and dada-industrial sound experiments and later changed to more rhythmic power electro-industrial/power noise upon the release of Feierabend in 2000. The band uses a lot of break beat, techno elements, and voice samples from movies and audio books, among other sources. The band has been signed to Out Of Line Music since 2000. The main themes of the music are insanity, schizophrenia, paranoia, and therapy. The first lineup of KiEw consisted of founder Andreas "Thedi" Thedens and his school friends Thilo Eichenberg, Birk Lübberstedt and Jan Michel Luckow. After the early recording sessions beginning of 1991, Birk Lübberstedt left the band. Tassilo Schmitt joined during the first sessions and also Thomas "Biwi" Bierbach became a new band member as a singer and percussionist. In December 1993 KiEw had its live debut at Dorfgemeinschafthaus Ochtmissen near Lüneburg (Lower Saxony/Germany). Meanwhile Tassilo Schmitt did not identify with KiEws music and aims anymore, so he left. 

Stephan "Thiemi" Thiemicke joined the band for playing bass, analog synth, and live performance shouting. Thilo Eichenberg (guitar) took part in the rehearsals, but left a short time before the debut show at Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Ochtmissen. Matthias Kulcke became new guitarist.

Together with Stephan Thiemicke (bass), Martin Mälzer (guitar, vocals), and Thorsten Krolow (drums) he also formed the band Mohai in the early 90s. In 2000 Thomas Bierbach and Jan Michel Luckow left, so KiEw became a trio until 2010, when Martin Mälzer (vocals, drums) officially joined KiEw. Before becoming an official member, Martin Mälzers voice appeared on some KiEw releases. He was special guest at some KiEw live shows as a singer, did remixes for KiEw and assisted the KiEw audio engineer Hauke Dressler several times since 2009.
Andreas "Thedi" Thedens
Matthias Kulcke (since 1993)
Stephan "Thiemi" Thiemicke (since 1993)
Martin Mälzer (since 2010)

Former Members
Birk Lübberstedt (1990–1991)
Tassilo Schmitt (1991–1993)
Thilo Eichenberg (1990–1993)
Jan Michel Luckow (1990–2000)
Thomas "Biwi" Bierbach (1991–2000)

[ Releted links]
[ Video]

Albums, EPs, Vinyls

2000 - Feierabend – (CD, EP)
2001 - Divergent – (CD)
2003 - Diskette – (CD, EP)
2004 - Audiotherapy – (CD + DVD)
2004 - Festplatte – (12")
2005 - Exit #72 – (CD, EP)
2006 - Visite – (CD )
2010 - Mental [Per] mutation (2xCD)

CDr Recordings

1997 - Sauberkeit – (CDr)
1998 - kiew killz! – (CDr)
1999 - Aas, 500m (Ilmenau Edition) – (CDr)

Demo Tapes

1991 - Operationssaal
1992 - Kühlschrank
1993 - Untitled
1994 - Die Geburt deines Kalbes erfüllt unser Dorf mit Freude

Compilation appearances 
1999 - E
2000 - Electro Club Attack - Shot Three
2000 - Electro Technik - The Very Limited Collection Vol. 3
2001 - Access [One]
2001 - Awake The Machines Vol. 3
2001 - Electro Club Attack - Shot Four
2001 - Extreme Jenseitshymnen 1
2001 - Gothic Compilation Part XIV
2001 - Industrial for the Masses
2001 - Machineries of Joy
2001 - Wellenreiter In Schwarz Vol. 5
2002 - Extreme Jenseitshymnen 2
2002 - Machineries of Joy Vol. 2
2002 - Sliding Horse One
2003 - Awake the Machines Vol. 4
2003 - DSSG - Der Sampler 2
2003 - Extreme Clubhits VIII
2004 - Advanced Electronics Vol. 3
2004 - Industrial for the Masses Vol. 2
2004 - Intensivstation
2004 - Machineries of Joy Vol. 3
2004 - Zillo Club Hits 9
2005 - Awake the Machines Vol. 5
2005 - Bodybeats
2005 - Celebrate the Machines - An Out of Line 10th Anniv. Megamix!
2005 - M'era Luna Festival 2005
2005 - New Signs & Sounds 12/05-01/06
2005 - This Is... Techno Body Music Vol. 1
2006 - Advanced Electronics Vol. 5
2006 - Dark Flower Vol. II – (2xCD)
2006 - Industrial for the Masses Vol. 3 – (2xCD)
2006 - Out of Line Festival Vol. 2 – (DVD)
2006 - Public Convenience II – (12")
2006 - Scenes from a Galton's Walk – (CD)
2007 - Cut&Go – (CDr)
2007 - Machineries of Joy Vol. 4 – (2xCD)
2008 - Awake the Machines Vol. 6 – (2xCD, Ltd. Edition)
2008 - Kinetik Festival Volume One – (2xCD)
2009 - Brainstorm Compilation 1 – (2xCD)
2010 - Industrial for the Masses Vol. 4 – (2xCD)
2010 - Extreme Störfrequenz 5 – (CD)

/theguardofthenightnyu.blogspot.com/ www.synthema.ru//

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Friday, April 6, 2012
Friday, April 06, 2012
Floor [Special]

Floor is a sludge/stoner band from Miami, Florida. Floor was formed in 1992 by Steve Brooks (guitar), Anthony Vialon (bass), and Betty Monteavaro (drums). Jeff Sousa became the drummer in late 1993, and Steve and Anthony switched to just having two low-tuned guitars with no bassist. Several vinyl-only 7" EPs were released until their first break in 1996. They reformed with a new line-up for one show in 1997 with Henry Wilson on drums and practiced only occasionally until 2001.
This time they finally released their first full-length album, self-titled 'Floor', before splitting in 2003 for good.

Steve Brooks went on to form the band Torche. Henry Wilson went on to form the bands Dove and House of Lightning. Anthony Vialon focused on theology. The band reformed in 2010 for a reunion tour to support the release of 'Below & Beyond', an 8-CD/10-LP box set encompassing their entire career and occasionally get together to play shows.

[ Releted links]
[ Video]

1993 - Riddim of Silence 2xLP
1996 - Entomological Discoveries With Sound And Vibration
2002 - Floor
2004 - Dove (recorded 1994, released 2004)
2010 - Below & Amp; Beyond [Box Set]

1994 - Goddard/ Slugthrower
1994 - Loanin/ Figbender
1994 - Floor
1994 - Madonna
1995 - Heather
1995 - Seven Inch Record

Split 7" Singles
1994 - w/ Tired From Now On
1994 - w/ Spazz
1995 - w/ Sloth
1996 - w/ Ed Matus' Struggle
2001 - w/ Dove

Compilation Appearances
1995 - Loud & Ugly Vol. 2
1995 - No Idea #12
1998 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


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Sunday, March 4, 2012
Sunday, March 04, 2012
New edition of the label "Human Cross rec." (Sarajevo, BiH)

THIRD I - Ossification of Sound

Just two months after release of "Audiodrome“ album, Third I are returning with a new record named "Sound Ossification". Snapshot represents new experiment and playing with sounds that this duo tends to.

What is this release all about? Until a few decades ago our environment was filled with pleasant sounds of nature, trees, rivers, ... Today, our "natural" sound is sound of machines, concrete, installation ... " Sound Ossification " is just that easy, almost unnoticed process of transformation of pleasant sound into the noise, and the set of (un)pleasant noises which we have become surrounded by so many, in fact that we are not often aware of their existence in our nearest environment (apartment, street, workplace,...). This is an attempt to isolate sounds from the environment and re-introduce it to the individuals, so we could again become aware of our (before pleasant sound, now noisy one) environments.

Third I have begun to deal with this subject on their EP release "The Birds" (download from www.archive.org/), so "Sound Ossification" can be considered as a continuation of this story.

*Noise is nothing but a sound osiffication

The disc is issued by Sarajevo label "Human Cross rec.", in a limited edition. CD is available at Human Cross records.

Human Cross rec.
Human Cross records - official site

Third I


Bolest Evropa /Third I - Wired (excerpt)
Wired is Bolest Evropa and Third I sound collaboration,
published on Mrtvaja label.

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