If you know about Open Culture, surely you know about Ubuweb. If you don't, its slogan says almost everything you need to know about it: "All Avant-Garde. All the Time." This vast online repository of cutting-edge cultural artifacts from a variety of eras also adheres steadfastly to the principle of keeping all of its material free: free in the sense of charging you nothing to read, hear or view it, and free in the sense that you can do whatever you want with it. Needless to say, the site, founded by poet Kenneth Goldsmith in 1996, has made many fans, and Ubuweb itself has tapped quite a few of the higher-profile ones to curate top ten lists. Assembled by people like New Yorker music critic Alex Ross, novelists Hari Kunzru and Rick Moodyalterna-pop star Nick "Momus" Currie, these help the potentially (and understandably) bewildered find their way through the trove of Ubuweb's media, which is universally influential and vanishingly obscure, viscerally transgressive and vertiginously intellectual, eternally exciting and deliberately boring.
Cargo Collective offers a set of professional web publishing tools service the design and creative communities (services for Building an Online Portfolioto).
 Arts_Territory is a London based non-profit arts organisation. Initiated as a vehicle to develop creative links between Polish and UK artists and to provide a support network for international creatives interested in engaging with Polish arts, Arts Territory has developed into wider territories of investigation.
Škuc Gallery has been operating on the premises at 21 Stari trg in Ljubljana since 1978 as part of the ŠKUC Cultural Centre, one of the pillars of non-governmental culture in Slovenia for 40 years now. In these years of operation, Škuc Gallery has become a prominent international art centre for exhibitions, different art events, publishing and documentation.
openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation.
Code on Canvas is a Sydney-based creative coding studio specialising in interactive experiences across installation, mobile devices and the web. Individually we are artists and tinkerers, with a particular interest in technology and its creative applications. As a studio, we understand the importance of prioritising concept and narrative, and are able to think creatively in a way that is informed and inspired by – rather than tethered to – our technical expertise.
No 22 Studio is a Copenhagen based design studio specializing in
branding, communication, identities, websites, books within art,
music, fashion, culture and everything in-between.

Nihil is a french artist living in Norway. Inspired by indian and nordic sacred texts, medieval religious art, psychedelic trips and life experiences in hospitals, his work reflects on transcendence, identity and individuality.
Music can be defined by art.
Graphic-noise bridges the gap between the aural and the visual and connnects fans with some of metal's best artists.
Founded in 2010, Anarchy Dance Theatre uses contemporary dance theatre to express our concerns about people and life, by reproducing through movement the intricate power structures and personal relationships in today’s powerful social structures. Anarchy strives to create a dance training structure of its own, starting from awareness of the body, and reaching out to explore the relationships between time, space, objects and others, with the intention of increasing one’s own sensitivity.
Dave McKean has always been something of a creative chameleon. Artist, writer, film-maker, musician, sculptor, photographer - these and other, harder to define, facets take turns in the spotlight as he moves from books to comics to film to illustration, a very particular vision indelibly marked on each of these forms.
Pierre-Alain D., founder of 3mmi Design, is a french digital artist / illustrator & graphic 
designer who has developed a dark/oniric - but not only- and intense vision of graphic design
 through the years.
ᛗᛟᛚᛞᛖᛞ ᛫ ᛁᚾ ᛫ ᛒᛚᚨᚲᚲᚾᛖᛋᛋ
OBNUBIL (Black Clothing Online for Women & Men) Independent brand influenced by the occult, myths, geometry, anatomy, nature, tattoo culture.
Curated Collection and online dealer of dark, occult and metal fine art.
 Elektramusic is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of electroacoustic music, contemporary music, visual arts, dance, performance and other fields related to experimental music.
 Jan Saudek is the most famous living Czech photographer, and simultaneously the most provocative.
The life and work of Franko B is situated somewhere between isolation and seduction, benevolence and confrontation, suffering and eroticism, punk and poetry.
Butoh is a contemporary avant-garde dance form which originated in Japan and which was first performed there in 1959.
The art of J.K. Potter has graced the covers and interiors of many weird fiction authors, including Tim Powers, Lucius Shepard, Ramsey Campbell, and Clive Barker.  His vibrant colors, thoughtful juxtapositions, and sense of the surreal and bizarre are unique in the way they interact with a story’s subject matter.  

Dehn Sora
 Dehn Sora (aka, Vincent Petitjean), is a French graphic designer, art director, and composer who builds sonic, hallucinatory worlds driven by ancient rituals and living death.
David Carson is a graphic designer, art director and surfer.  
David Carson is considered by many to be one of the world's most influential graphic designers.

Bruno Guerreiro, or Brunofsky as he is better known in the art and music world, is a designer and illustrator based in Philadelphia.
 Przemek Blejzyk – a.k.a. Sainer – is a Polish artist, best known for being a member of Etam Crew.
NastPlas is a creative duo formed in 2006 by illustrator Fran R. Learte "drFranken" and creative director Natalia Molinos "Na", together "Nastplas Team". Their work combines an impressive range of digital elements and abstract patterns with which they develop elaborate pieces of art with a visual load.
Richard Solomon Artists Representative LLC was created 35 years ago with one mission to bring together a group of talented illustrators from around the world. Each artists represented has a strong signature style and is equipped to create beautiful, unique, and powerful visual solutions.
- 22-Year-Old Man (Photographer Nicolas Bruno) With Sleep Paralysis Recreates His Nightmares In Photos. -
- Phlegm is a world-known cartoonist and illustrator. He is also well known for his self-published comics and highly creative street art.  -
 Jon MacNair's illustrations are grotesque, macabre drawings that draw on the traditions of Medieval art, Surrealism and European folk tales.
 Nicola Samorì creates works of dark beauty and baroque drama. His paintings are gouged, distorted, melted and destroyed.
Chun Lo is a self taught digital illustrator. Featured in ImagineFX issue 61 as one of the ten rising stars of 2010, he specializes in fantasy oriented illustrations along with creature design.
Jeremy Famir art
Juan Reptor - Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist.
Horror concept by Bogdan Rezunenko.
Visual Horror Sequences by Alexandros Pyromallis.
 Analog Illustrators currently living in cement cubes in Athens, Greece.
 Matthew J. Levin is an artist (sculptor and concept designer) from Los Angeles who creates surreal, eerie sculptures.
Hans Rudolf "H.R." Giger was a Swiss surrealist painter, whose style was adapted for many forms of media, including record albums, furniture and tattoos.
Kirill Semenov from Russia aka Skirill specializes in various original creepy drawings.
Surreal and deviant art by Grzegorz [absumaniac] Lupa from Poland.
Juha Arvid Helminen is a photo-artist from Finland, which suggest war and darkness, but he also utilizes themes of fragility, honor, fear, and individuality. The series is all about the misuse of power in religion and politics.
Jérôme Trëz Orb is a French artist from Paris. Using a combination of photography, painting, sculpture and film, he examines the body and mind in his work.
Impressive artworks by canadian artist Andrew Zbihlyj. Most of the work is a combination of acrylic paint, ink, various papers, photography, tape, some harmful chemicals and fire. 
Chad Michael Ward is a master of the storytelling craft. His imagery, both still and moving, reaches deep into the darkest corners of the mind, combining the macabre and the sensuous…
 Parker Warner Wright is a Farhist, anonymous, artist, who practices his art through several different mediums, most notably, short film enigmas.

Oleg Borisovich Kulik, a 36-year-old Russian )Ukrainian-born Russian performance artist, sculptor, photographer and curator) performance artist from Moscow, is living his life as a dog, and a pretty unfriendly one at that.
Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (1878 – 1935) was a Russian painter and art theoretician. He was a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the avant-garde Suprematist movement.
 Käthe Kollwitz, née Schmidt (1867 –1945) was a German artist, who worked with painting, printmaking and sculpture.
DEREVO is a physical theatre dance clowning butoh mime music film nothing of the above everything else you...
M–City, or Mariusz Waras, is a graphic artist and outdoor painter who is an author of post-industrial murals with a geometric network of industrial elements.
Tim Noble and Sue Webster take ordinary things including rubbish, to make assemblages and then point light to create projected shadows which show a great likeness to something identifiable including self-portraits. The art of projection is emblematic of transformative art.
Dr Rev Mayers is an Australian tattoo artist with a passion for creating crimson artworks using nothing but blood. Using a variety of art techniques, he paints incredibly detailed yet somewhat creepy works of art.
Artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan uses suspended translucent objects and other found
 materials to create light and shadow paintings on walls.

Joseph Beuys (German: [ˈjoːzɛf ˈbɔʏs]; 12 May 1921 – 23 January 1986) was a German Fluxus, happening, and performance artist as well as a sculptor, installation artist, graphic artist, art theorist, and pedagogue.
The Story and Kinetic Sound Sculptures of Mo H. Zareei, his Brutalist Noise Ensemble, and the Brutalist architecture in Tehran and artists that influenced him – Trimpin, Bernier, Messier, Zimoun, and Pe Lang, and others.
Nicolas Collins was "a pioneer in the use of microcomputers in live performance, and has made extensive use of 'home-made' electronic circuitry, radio, found sound material, and transformed musical instruments."
 A world-wide collection of bloggers sharing content ranging from dark futurism, forward-thinking design, and tomorrow’s fashion.
Vaughan Oliver (born 1957) is a British graphic designer based in Epsom, south of London. Oliver is most noted for his work with graphic design studios 23 Envelope and v23.
Neville Brody (born 23 April 1957) is an English graphic designer, typographer and art director.
so+ba is active in the field of graphic design, art direction, sound visualization and teaching typography and design.
Ron Athey (born December 16, 1961) is an American performance artist associated with body art and with extreme performance art. He has performed in the U.S. and internationally Athey's work explores challenging subjects like the relationships between desire, sexuality and traumatic experience.
  Manchester-based sound artist Callum Steven Higgins.
 IDIS research is about the classification and analysis of information related to developments of devices made for ​​creation, storage, manipulation and transmission of images and sounds, analog and digital, focusing in art systems and past and present experiences made ​​by designers, artists, community groups and international and South American researchers. 

Pedro Reyes (born 1972 Mexico City) is a Mexican artist. He uses sculpture, architecture, video, performance and participation. His works aims to increase individual or collective agency in social, environmental, political or educational situations.
Lukasz Karluk is a digital artist working in the fields of interactive installation and generative computer art. His work spans across the multiple mediums of installation, apps, games, print, 3Dprint and sound sculptures.
 Zimoun (born 1977) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Bern, Switzerland. A self-taught artist, he is most known for his sound sculptures, sound architectures and installation art that combine raw, industrial materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or old furniture, with mechanical elements such as dc-motors, wires, microphones, speakers and ventilators.
Realität is a research and experimentation lab founded by Juan Manuel de J. Escalante in Mexico City. It involves digital media, music, architecture, and sound art. Since 1998 they’ve worked on many educational, commercial, and experimental projects. They love custom made solutions.