BBBlood is London noise musician Paul Watson making harsh noise and creeping synth / tape electronics since 2002. Releasing records with v... [...]

Rasthof Dachau is an Austrian power-electronics/industrial band consisting of Max Presch & M. Sägmüller, and one of Steinklang Industri... [...] [Special] are a power electronics / industrial project based in Joensuu, Finland. They have quickly risen to be known a... [...]

U-Men [Special] T he U-Men were a Seattle -based post-punk band active in the early to late 1980s. They toured extensively across America... [...]

Dÿse [Special] Formed in the Spring of 2003 and named after the Dysecatmotel in Amsterdam where they first met, Dÿse (pronounced Doo-zer)... [...]