Grausame Töchter

Grausame Töchter (german for Cruel Daughters or Horrific Daughters) are an electronic band led by eccentric fetish diva Aranea Peel. Their music is dark and very quirky and includes elements of EBM, electropop and hard-hitting club aggrotech. Although the latest album Glaube Liebe Hoffnung shows more mature and sombre songwriting, leaning heavily to darkwave.
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GRAUSAME TÖCHTER produce electronic music to spread emotional coldness. The sound does not really fit into any category, containing elements of Industrial, EBM, Classical Music, Punk, Film music and many more. It is a dirty mixture right from the junkyard of past culture. The lyrics celebrate greed, lust and egomania and strive to express the evil within. For people, from people to go undiscovered paths of the own psyche. Bold dark souls, sadists and masochists will each get what they are looking for while all others will be disgusted and repelled.

Live shows are always full of obscene theatrics, BDSM-elements and nudity.
Core members of GT are Aranea Peel (vocals) and Gregor Hennig (drums and mixing)
When performing live they are backed by a band consisting of
Era Kreuz - bass
Bojana Tadic - cello
Neila Fynn - keyboards
Charona & Harpyiena - backing vocals, dancing

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