Black Congress are a noise rock/hardcore band hailing from Texas, which is probably a difficult task seeing as how you are likely to be see... [...]

  There is an elite circle of American Harsh noise artists (Patrick O’Neil /owner of Self Abuse records, Shawn Smith & Mark Jameson)... [...]

Grunt was formed in Finland in spring 1993 to create hard audio filth. After more than 10 years of activity, it is still going strong. Va... [...]

BBBlood is London noise musician Paul Watson making harsh noise and creeping synth / tape electronics since 2002. Releasing records with v... [...]

Rasthof Dachau is an Austrian power-electronics/industrial band consisting of Max Presch & M. Sägmüller, and one of Steinklang Industri... [...] [Special] are a power electronics / industrial project based in Joensuu, Finland. They have quickly risen to be known a... [...]