XBXRX [Special] XBXRX is an American noise rock-influenced punk band formed in 1998 in Mobile, Alabama, USA. Their early sound very new w... [...]

Brava Spectre [Special] Brava Spectre ( Spazz Jazz / Art Grind / Noise-Metal Bebop) is quartet from some place in New London CT called Mon... [...]

ARAB ON RADAR [Special] In 1994, the members of what was to become Arab on Radar (Arab on Radar are a Providence, Rhode Island based noise... [...]

Black Eyes [Special] Washington-based Black Eyes, who debuted with the single Shut Up I Never , concocted an energetic brand of post-hard... [...]

Lubricated Goat [Special] Lubricated Goat was an Australian noise rock band of the 1980s. They achieved brief notoriety for playing on... [...]