Black Dog Productions - Bytes (1992)

Black Dog Productions - Bytes (1992)

Style: Electronic, IDM
Label: Warp rec.

Back Dog Productions' Bytes, the third installment in Warp Records' "Artificial Intelligence" series, was a watershed in what has become known in the U.K. as IDM or "intelligent techno." The album is a headphone-friendly collection of tracks by Andy Turner, Ed Handley and Ken Downie (a trio of producers who have taken on various incarnations over the years, including Plaid, Balil and Xeper), most noteworthy for its elaborate beat structures and rhythms. The odd time signatures of tracks like "Yamemm" and "Focus Mel" are offset by splashes of rich harmonic tones and striking, alpine melodies. Influenced by early Detroit Techno artists like Derrick May, Black Dog, in turn, went on to stimulate later waves of electronic music in Detroit as well as European Ambient and Hardcore Techno.

When you look on the cover of the cd, you see the words ''This Compilation'' This was because in time of releasing Bytes, they already had a contract with GPR! (It's still a problem to release under the same name on different labels) It looks like a compilation of different artists, but it is still made by Downie, Handley and Turner.
The track Xeper was made by Downie in a very short time. One day he woke up with the idea to make this track and made it..
I have read in interviews that Bytes is still their most favourite work.
A must have for all electronic freaks.

1 Plaid Object Orient (5:44)
2 Close Up Over Caz (6:15)
3 Xeper Carceres Ex Novum (6:42)
4 Atypic Focus Mel (7:12)
5 Close Up Over Olivine (4:45)
6 I.A.O. Clan (Mongol Hordes) (6:24)
7 Plaid Yamemm (6:14)
8 Discordian Popes Fight The Hits (6:20)
9 Balil Merck (4:33)
10 Close Up Over Jauqq (5:46)
11 Balil 3/4 Heart (7:34)

Black Dog Productions - Bytes