Cowards is a relatively new Post Punk band from Vancouver. Featuring various members of Vancouver's thriving noise scene, as well as members of local favourites Certain Breeds and Fortress, Cowards struck a balance between their other projects by concocting a volatile brand of noise rock that commanded the audience's attention.


Sharp post-punk guitar lines went head-to-head with lumbering bass, a combination that brought to mind S. Albini-era Jesus Lizard.

The combination of distorted vocals and DK-esque high end guitar repeatedly stabbing leads into the rhythm section creates an aura reminiscent of feisty goth bands, but COWARDS sound to hip (and even a little too rock 'n roll). Even the bellowed vocals of frontman Keith Wecker were reminiscent of the legendary David Yow.

COWARDS are THE VSS on Dilaudid plus UNSANE wearing suits and playing in a candlelit goth club. A promising start for a band that's sure to gain some attention outside of their hometown.