Floor is a sludge/stoner band from Miami, Florida. Floor was formed in 1992 by Steve Brooks (guitar), Anthony Vialon (bass), and Betty Monteavaro (drums). Jeff Sousa became the drummer in late 1993, and Steve and Anthony switched to just having two low-tuned guitars with no bassist. Several vinyl-only 7" EPs were released until their first break in 1996. They reformed with a new line-up for one show in 1997 with Henry Wilson on drums and practiced only occasionally until 2001.This time they finally released their first full-length album, self-titled 'Floor', before splitting in 2003 for good.
Steve Brooks went on to form the band Torche. Henry Wilson went on to form the bands Dove and House of Lightning. Anthony Vialon focused on theology. The band reformed in 2010 for a reunion tour to support the release of 'Below & Beyond', an 8-CD/10-LP box set encompassing their entire career and occasionally get together to play shows.

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Floor (live, reunion show)
FLOOR "Sight & Seen"
Floor (live, reunion show1)
Floor Ein (Below and Beyond)
Floor - sunday Floor
Floor the band live in buffalo
Floor - Charge Of The Brown Recluse



1993 - Riddim of Silence 2xLP
1996 - Entomological Discoveries With Sound And Vibration
2002 - Floor
2004 - Dove (recorded 1994, released 2004)
2010 - Below & Amp; Beyond [Box Set]

1994 - Goddard/ Slugthrower
1994 - Loanin/ Figbender
1994 - Floor
1994 - Madonna
1995 - Heather
1995 - Seven Inch Record

Split 7" Singles
1994 - w/ Tired From Now On
1994 - w/ Spazz
1995 - w/ Sloth
1996 - w/ Ed Matus' Struggle
2001 - w/ Dove

Compilation Appearances

1995 - Loud & Ugly Vol. 2
1995 - No Idea #12
1998 - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly