KiEw began with avant-garde and dada-industrial sound experiments and later changed to more rhythmic power electro-industrial/power noise upon the release of Feierabend in 2000. The band uses a lot of break beat, techno elements, and voice samples from movies and audio books, among other sources. The band has been signed to Out Of Line Music since 2000. The main themes of the music are insanity, schizophrenia, paranoia, and therapy. The first lineup of KiEw consisted of founder Andreas "Thedi" Thedens and his school friends Thilo Eichenberg, Birk Lübberstedt and Jan Michel Luckow. After the early recording sessions beginning of 1991, Birk Lübberstedt left the band. Tassilo Schmitt joined during the first sessions and also Thomas "Biwi" Bierbach became a new band member as a singer and percussionist. In December 1993 KiEw had its live debut at Dorfgemeinschafthaus Ochtmissen near Lüneburg (Lower Saxony/Germany). Meanwhile Tassilo Schmitt did not identify with KiEws music and aims anymore, so he left. 

Stephan "Thiemi" Thiemicke joined the band for playing bass, analog synth, and live performance shouting. Thilo Eichenberg (guitar) took part in the rehearsals, but left a short time before the debut show at Dorfgemeinschaftshaus Ochtmissen. Matthias Kulcke became new guitarist.
Together with Stephan Thiemicke (bass), Martin Mälzer (guitar, vocals), and Thorsten Krolow (drums) he also formed the band Mohai in the early 90s. In 2000 Thomas Bierbach and Jan Michel Luckow left, so KiEw became a trio until 2010, when Martin Mälzer (vocals, drums) officially joined KiEw. Before becoming an official member, Martin Mälzers voice appeared on some KiEw releases. He was special guest at some KiEw live shows as a singer, did remixes for KiEw and assisted the KiEw audio engineer Hauke Dressler several times since 2009.

Andreas "Thedi" Thedens
Matthias Kulcke (since 1993)
Stephan "Thiemi" Thiemicke (since 1993)
Martin Mälzer (since 2010)

Former Members
Birk Lübberstedt (1990–1991)
Tassilo Schmitt (1991–1993)
Thilo Eichenberg (1990–1993)
Jan Michel Luckow (1990–2000)
Thomas "Biwi" Bierbach (1991–2000)

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KiEw - Stille Stimme
KiEw - Mister 29
Kiew - Nachtwache
KiEw - dcdisk
KiEw - Tunnel (Pulse)
KiEw - Exit
KiEw - Kessel
KiEw Melancholie :: the Spheres

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