Corps/Alexey Tegin/

Corps - a fascinating industrial project (tribute to Swans) from Alexei Tegin, a veteran of the Moscow underground, the founder and leader of the choir Phurpa, performing rituals of Tibetan Bon tradition.

Tegin began his artistic experiments in the early 1980s, he was one of the first in the country who has researched industrial genres close to him, and in the late '90s, together with Vladimir Epifantsev created the "Factory of radical art" in an abandoned room in Faleevskom lane.

"The internal goal is still the same, just more modern clothes and serve. Playing industrial, I just strive to "turn off computer", to achieve a certain madness. Not controlled paranoia, and paranoia of the real. Shift the assemblage point in a certain position for me - through sound. "

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Corps teaser