Death Abyss

 "We travel from flame to flame. Ruling from the shadows."
- - -
At the beginning/end
We stand armed and dangerous before the bloody fields of history;
Devoid of dogma - but ready to carve, to defy the transient: Ready to stab forth with
our penetrative will, Strain every leash, run yelling down the mountainside of Man:
Ready and willing to immolate world upon world With our stunning blaze.
And let them all sing that WE were here,
as Masters Among the failing speciens called Man.
Our being took form in defiance
To stand before your killing gaze. And now we travel from
flame to flameAnd tower from the will to the glory...
- - -
- DEATH ABYSS: Dominate Through Will -
Had this album been released a few weeks previously, it would have proved to be the ultimate Halloween album. Mired in dense electronic textures, powered by robust stepping rhythms, it offers a far bleaker and more austere take on industrial-themed techno than some of the other producers and labels operating in this sphere. However, if you get n the underlying approach, there is some fun to be had. "Clothe Your Lies In Truth" is fuelled by a murderously aggressive sub-bass, but the robotic vocal in the background provides light relief, while the stepping rhythms of "Disease Is A Weapon" sounds like a post-dubstep producer jacked up on angel dust. "Stop Thinking, Increase Consumption" showcases Death Abyss' more musical side as ghostly synths unfold over a dead-paced groove. There is also a sign that Mr Abyss has a pop ambition and the goth vocals and chiming melodies of "The Black Book" hint at a potential career as Nine Inch Nail's arch-rival. Impressive stuff start to finish.

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