Frozen Planet….1969

Frozen Planet...1969 is an Instrumental Psychedelic Jam Project Featuring members
of Mother Mars and Looking Glass. 
Although the band name suggests otherwise, Frozen Planet….1969 dates back to early 2012! It was then that a heavy-psych jam session between two Sydney-based musicians, Paul and Frank Attard, and Canberra-based Lachlan Paine, took place. 
Luckily, this afternoon of improvisation at the home of Pepper Shaker Records, Frank Street Studio, was recorded. However, it wasn’t until over a year later that the three decided they should finally mix and release some of the material they had created that day. They decided this album would be set out like a soundtrack to a film. That film would be called “Frozen Planet….1969”. It was a digital-only release on Pepper Shaker Records. Pretty soon this one-off release would become a band called Frozen Planet….1969. The emphasis would be on improvisation. 
No vocals, just straight-out instrumental jamming. This band would consist of Paul Attard- guitar, Lachlan Paine- bass and Frank Attard- drums. It was basically a side-project for the three of them. Paul and Frank had been playing in the stoner-doom band, Mother Mars. Lachlan was playing in the Canberra heavy rock trio, Looking Glass.  After playing on numerous bills together over the years it seemed only natural there would be some sort of collaboration between the two bands at some point. Frozen Planet….1969 played its first show in February 2014. It was also around this time that the band recorded another mammoth jam session. From this jam session came the second and third releases for the band, “Lost Traveller Chronicles, Volume 1” (released 20th August 2014) and “Lost Traveller Chronicles, Volume 2” (released 6th May 2015). The concept this time would be a travel journal through the constellations, with each song being a chapter from the journal! 
Both volumes were released in digital and physical format on Pepper Shaker Records. The physical format for Volume 1 was a limited 10-inch vinyl and for Volume 2 the format was CD. The hardest part of this project is deciding what to leave out. Every time the band gets together in the studio there will be two or three separate jams, with each jam usually clocking in at anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes. Using all of this material would be too much, therefore the editing and mixing process is a very important process for the band in order to capture the most effective and cohesive moments from the jam sessions while also ensuring they fit in with the concept of the album.
To date, the band has only played a handful of shows. Each show has been uniquely different with the band continuously jamming for thirty to forty minutes. No rehearsal necessary.
Every time Frozen Planet….1969 gets together it’s either to record or play live.
All improvised!

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