Pterodactyl the band resides in Brooklyn, NY. Pterodactyl is Joe Kremer on guitar
and vocals, Matt Marlin on drums and vocals, Jesse Hodges on guitar and bass and
vocals, and Zach Lehrhoff on guitar and bass and vocals.
"Hyper-rhythmic, skull-cracking hard post-punk trio, playing with laser-guided
precision, telegraphing impossible changes, it's as if someone plugged these guys into the
nearest available wall socket and flipped the on switch. Lightning Bolt is somewhat
of an apt comparison, though they don't waste time with jamming. Les Savy Fav might be too,
if that band was as good as people think they are. This is a different beast, on their way to
forming an original and completely engrossing sound on their own. It's heavy
and brilliant too, if that helps."
- - -
Brooklyn's Pterodactyl are way too spastic and noisy to be grouped into conventional 
rock sub-genres, but their songs are too well-crafted and memorable to let them be thrown in 
with the noise-rockers. Take the bizarre soundscapes and chaotic precision of Lightning Bolt 
and clumsily smush it up with Animal Collective's more impish, melodic tendencies and 
you might get close to approximating the crazy, kaleidoscopic sound of Pterodactyl. 
A spirited email dialogue yielded some round-a-bout thoughts on their 
new record, touring, and the Brooklyn life. 

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