Post punk from Barcelona, with integrants from Jauria, Infame, Drömdead, Los Dolares, Etacarinae, Alert alert!, Miraz
"Melodic post-punk with an fuck-you attitude. Think of the early Polish post-punk depression, but with danceable touch".
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This dark anarcho post punk band from Spain has it’s roots in the past, but pushes their sound way into the future. They have been able come up with a sound that is so addictive that I consider them my new noir drug.  
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Belgrado - energetic Post-Punk band heavily influenced by 80's Post-Punk/Cold Wave/Goth/Anarcho and its D.I.Y. ethics. Born in the Barcelona squatting scene on late 2010, Belgrado mix obscure sometimes catchy melodies with punk attitude and dancing beats.
Members: Renzo (Bass), Fergu (Guitar), Jonathan (Drums), Pat (Vocals)
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Based out of Barcelona, Spain, brooding post-punk/indie rock outfit Belgrado blend the eyeliner-heavy swagger of Siouxsie and the Banshees and the fragile nihilism of Joy Division with the muscular attack of Killing Joke. The band's eponymous debut was released in 2011. 

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