Bruxa Maria

Three piece raw London Punk band with added heavyness and nasty noises.
Bruxa Maria are a slightly unlikely looking post hardcore trio, Gill is tiny which makes the bassist Will look even taller, and it’s a while before I realise they’re both left handed which is probably adding to the funhouse mirror effect. For his part the drummer beats the living hell out of his kit – good lad. They’re really together and the songs take a pleasing variety of approaches being by turns angular or pounding or sludgy. It’s an intense and enjoyable noise, never predictable. Gill doesn’t appear to be doing anything particularly flash but gets a really great sound that’s thick and heavy but crisp and crunchy on top. Which sounds delicious, I may have been watching too much Bake Off. The stomping ‘My Sweetheart Miguel’ reminds me a bit of Silverfish, which is always a good thing but generally they seem to be cutting their own path and it takes them in all sort of directions. They finish though on a joyously breakneck race to the end three min thrash. In short, they’re fantastic and you should definitely take a listen to their impressive debut album here, the lengthy title track alone givesa good idea of their ambition.
Aggressive and unpredictable, with an acerbic bite and giving more than a passing nod to 80s and 90s noise rock, and post hardcore.

Bruxa Maria are Gill Dread (Con Mungos), Ben Dawson (Palehorse/Möngöl Hörde),  
Will Elvin (Lupins/Throne Of Galaktus), and Seamus O'Hooligan (Armed Response 
 Unit/Blood Island Raiders).