FossaDelRumore (drone, noise and ambient project of Pietro Michi) Firenze (IT).
The project started in 2012 in the last years worked in the field of ambient recording, 
noise pollution and spatialization.
The tracks are played with hardware (also self-built) drones, synths and filters to 
find a dark, punk and deep mood.
- - - -
FossaDelRumore is an ambient/drone, noise  project born in 2012 out of the mind of Pietro Michi, a 23 y.o. producer from Florence, Italy. In September 2016, the young artist developed a collaborative work that involved 7 other musicians all across the Europe (Italy, Hungary, Poland, Netherlands) to partecipate by sending their own remixed, reinterpreted versions of the very same tune originally recorded by FossaDelRumore himself, called Isolato – Italian for ‘isolated’. Today we’re glad to present the result of this wide-spread cooperation as it’s going to be self-released tomorrow (free DL via FDR’s bandcamp portal), available for full-streaming right up here.

Pietro Michi chose FossaDelRumore - Italian for ‘Well of Noise’ - as his moniker couple years ago and stick with it filtering the music with a diy/punk approach, his production often coloured of dark, deep hues. The youngster resort to both commercial and self-made hardware such as synths, samplers, pedal filters.

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