An industrial / free jazz band from Great Britain that was associated with the grindcore and industrial metal scenes. Conceived in 1987 by saxophonist and prolific experimentalist Kevin Martin with guitarist Shane Rogan but without a formal lineup until after their 1990 debut EP Breach Birth. Notable figures such as Tim Hodgkinson, from RIO pioneers Henry Cow, and Justin Broadrick, formerly of Napalm Death and later of Godflesh, eventually joined the band full time. John Zorn also worked with this group. Numerous releases by the congealed nine-piece over the next four years explored dark fusions of punk, industrial, electronic, free jazz and ambient dub. This was the first of Martin's collaborations with Broadrick; Techno Animal and Ice following later.
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"GOD were a British industrial ensemble formed in London.Founded by Kevin Martin and Shaun Rogan in 1987, the band expanded to include nine members and released two studio albums before disbanding in 1996."

Really unique sounding blend of Industrial, Free Jazz, Noise Rock with helpings of ambience and dub. Not typical prog in the strictest sense, but an entirely unique and forward thinking band that touches on the avant-garde at times. Noisy and abrasive ala Naked City but with a (early) Swans-esque approach to thundering rhythm and vocal delivery, at times metallic ala Godflesh (with there being and obvious connection), and others spacey and dub tinged like some PainKillers later live albums.

Tim Hodgkinson, Justin Broadrick and John Zorn have played with them (the first two on both, Zorn on the first) as regular members. 

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