"This experimental noise band from Switzerland consits of Marc Fantini on drums, Derek Shirley on bass, Gilles Aubry on vocals and laptop and Antoine Chessex on a tenor sax with guitar amps. Monno stands out from the legacy of doomsayers that includes Throbbing Gristle, Suicide, Whitehouse, and more recently Wolf Eyes and Lightning Bolt. Monno are impressively, expertly abrasive in sending atomic blasts of fury, but beneath the shock value of these overwhelming sonic miasmas are throat-grappling melodies evoking a dense, brutal trance. In their rather short existence Monno has toured with Isis / Jesu and Lightning Bolt."

The experimental noisecore band Monno was formed in 1999 in Lausanne, Switzerland, where the four original members met in the experimental music scene. In 2002 they relocated to Berlin, Germany. In 2003 they were joined by Canadian bass player Derek Shirley.

Current line-up (Sept. 2007):
Marc Fantini: drums
Derek Shirley: bass
Gilles Aubry: vocals, laptop 
Antoine Chessex: tenor sax with guitar amps

"Monno delivers one of their best release (...) They immediately trigger this possible soundtrack for human collapse(...) Noise art-rock seems to strive for gain proper physical features according to the declension that this impressive band excellently renders in spite of the quintessential abstract nature of this specific stylistical branch".  
- Chain DLK -

"While their sound escapes easy definition,it is whithout a doubt a caustic blend of sludgy drone metal, free jazz-esque drumming and psychedelic electronics. (...) Cheval Ouvertis an eclectic mix of sounds not normally present in heavy drone music. The sax and electronics really stands out and make this a memorable album". 
- Musique Machine -

The band butter their sandwiches with blood, replenish their thermos with Black-Death whiskey and set out on a trudge through the muddy swamps of sludge, doom and drone."  

"The noise of the end of the world and the silence which follows. Monno is Philip K. Dick transcribed into sound, Norman Spinrad into sonic textures and J. G Ballard in low-end vibrations". - CHMAFU -

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