Terra Tenebrosa

Terra Tenebrosa are an avant-garde/post-metal band from Stockholm (Sweden), rising out of the ashes that once was Breach.  They formed in 2009, with their first output, “The Tunnels”, being released by Trust No One Recordings in 2011.  It is an ominous and cinematic voyage through the dark mind and psyche of Terra Tenebrosa monarch, The Cuckoo.  Their second album, "The Purging", was released in February 2013.
 Bow your heads to The Cuckoo, Hibernal and Hisperdal.
The Cuckoo is always watching. Stay thirsty, friends.
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Swedish metal enigma Terra Tenebrosa return in 2016 with yet another dense and genre-defying full-length recording titled The Reverses. This new 48-minute work follows the mysterious Breach-born act’s previous critically-lauded outputs, The Tunnels and The Purging. These aforementioned records showcased a band dead-set on creating something insurmountably heavy, difficult, frightening and wholly different. “Avant-garde metal” is probably the most applicable label for this band’s music, as it is a catch-all term to describe a myriad of difficult to characterize acts. But even that term may be a disservice to a band whose sound really does transcend genre pigeonholing at every turn. It is really up to the listener how they want to describe it. Terra Tenebrosa’s sound rests at the crossroads between all things heavy. Black metal, death metal, groove metal, hardcore and a nuances of nearly every genre and subgenre of extreme music can be heard writhing in the mangled, ever-evolving mass that is their music. The Reverses is the next logical step for the band and continues their sonic tradition of throwing more malevolent sound at the listener than they can handle.
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Born from the ashes of cult Swedish Post-Hardcore band BREACH, since 2009 the enigmatic entity that is TERRA TENEBROSA have created masterfully imposing concoctions of sulphurous, tormented Black Metal and demonic Hardcore and their Dante-esque new offering is no exception!

"The Reverses" is mind-crushing: artistically uncompromising, bone-shatteringly intense and devilishly heavy - a contorted monument to sinister devastation.
The atmosphere distilled on this suffocating record is ignominious and truly eschatological. Layered malicious sounds lurk beneath a frenetic flow of creepy riffing; the perpetual echoes of nebulous voices are enmeshed within walls of guitar noise atop imposing drums furiously hammering home a destructive rhythmic march. As if that were not frightening enough, guesting leading names of the extreme scene - Jonas A Holmberg (THIS GIFT IS A CURSE), Alex Stjernfeldt (THE MOTH GATHERER) MkM (ANTAEUS, AOSOTH) and Vindsval (BLUT AUS NORD) - provide a ghastly final touch.

"The Reverses" is excessive, fascinating, burning and just...purely extreme!

After "The Tunnels" (2011) and "The Purging" (2013) - two incredible, unreal albums internationally acclaimed for their amazingly strange singularity - TERRA TENEBROSA have pushed the boundaries of their thrilling approach to offer up a masterpiece, their finest work to date. "The Reverses" is a gloriously obscure compendium of chaotic styles, dark soundscapes and frantic elements, raised aloft to the Apocalypse.

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