Coptic Rain [Special]

Coptic Rain [Special]

Coptic Rain is a female fronted dark wave modern industrial/goth metal band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, who mixed flavours of Nick Cave with Lacuna Coil, Siouxsie & The Banshees with Nine Inch Nails. Their most important release was Eleven Eleven (1995, Dynamica).

"The Last World" was Coptic's fourth (and last) album and their first for Org Records. Slovenia's very own Coptic Rain were lead by the rather forceful Katrin Radman along with guitarist (and sometimes Laibach collaborator) Peter Penko.

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Coptic Rain "Dies Irae" (1993) Download
Coptic Rain "Eleven: Eleven" (1995) Downloadе
Coptic Rain "Clarion's End" (1996) Download
Coptic Rain "The Last World" (2000) Download
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