Vagina Dentata Organ [Special]

Vagina Dentata Organ [Special]

Vagina Dentata Organ is an art and sound project by Jordi Valls.

Valls is from Catalonia in Spain and cites the influence of the surrealists, especially Salvador Dali on his work. His albums could be classed as especially bleak field recordings, dealing with subject matter such as sex, death, violence, etc. Valls work is also concerned with the fetishism of art in general and record collecting particularly, with his records being pressed in very small numbers.

Vagina Dentata Organ have provoked outrage on a number of occasions, firstly with the release of infamous recordings of the last few hours of the Peoples Temple in Jonestown, Guyana. VDO's performance in 1984 on Spanish TV programme La Edad de Oro caused a public outcry as it included the destruction of three paintings. A video documentary on the first 3 VDO albums was made by Julian Alvarez and won first prize in the 26th Semana de Cinema in Barcelona. In 1997 Arts and culture magazine "Life Without Sex" dedicated a whole issue to Vagina Dentata Organ.

More recently Jordi Valls has concentrated on paintings rather than recording, producing a large number of portraits of supermodels with his own blood.
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His work as an early advocate of Throbbing Gristle, his narration on the Whitehouse Psychopathia Sexualis LP, the Cold Meat picture disk showing Marilyn and Elvis on the slab and in the coffin, boasting two long suites of manipulated sighs signifying marriage, hence the subtitle “Eros and Thanatos” – it all adds up to an artist who aggrieves the Protestant work ethic, pokes the Realist in the eye, and takes the Fundamentalist to task for not admitting such things could be the work of a beneficent Deity. That's Jordi Valls.

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