Vivenza [Special]

Born in 1957, Jean-Marc Vivenza is a french writer, philosopher, composer, musician and musicologist strongly influenced by esoteric currents. Devoted to sound and musical experimentalism, Vivenza (under its proto name Glace) formed in 1976 and is undoubtedly the first band of Industrial music in the most natural area of the foundations and the decline of heavy industries. Recording machines in a factory, mixing and alternating them. His ideas were not based on the shocking image of industrial music.

Vivenza considered himself a direct successor to the futurists of the 20s. Nâgârjuna, René Guénon, Jacob Boehme, Joseph de Maistre, Martinès de Pasqually, Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin or Jean-Baptiste Willermoz are some of is his past and present influences.

"Don't look for any sensitivities, human ego, idealogies of sex stories: Vivenza is machines".

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1984 - Fondements Bruitistes (7”)
1984 - Réalités Servo Mécaniques (LP)
1985 - Essentialité Métallique (Cass)
1985 - Machines (12”)
1986 - Beweging Tijd Ruimte /Unité Objective (Cass)
1987 - Métallurgie (Cass)
1988 - Bruitiste 2xLP
1988 - Music For Metaal (Cass, Album with De Fabriek)
1994 - Aérobruitisme Dynamique (CD)
1995 - Fondements Bruitistes (CD)
1997 - Mécanismes & Industries (7”, Ltd)

1985 - Le Petit Mort'
1988 - Bruitiste Boxset Tapes

Europe - Force - Unité - Métal (Cass)
Modes Réels Collectifs (Cass, C40)
Réalité De L’Automation (Cass, C40)
Veriti Plastici (Cass, C40)