Health [Special]

Health (usually stylized as HEALTH) is an experimental noise rock band from Los Angeless, California that is made up of 4 members. (The band's 2007 release with Crystal Castles charted at position nine in the UK indie singles chart). The band members consist of a bass player, two guitar players and a drummer, who meet and began chasing a dream together.

The bassist John Famiglietti, drummer BJ Miller, guitarist Jupiter Keyes, and guitarist Jake Duzsik make up the band known as HEALTH. They wanted their own style of music and they didn’t want to sound like other bands they had already heard on the radio.

This popular local band is part of an emerging noise rock scene that also includes the bands [No Age]] and Sonic Youth. They recorded their debut album The Smell at an all ages venue located in downtown Los Angeles. This popular band found its own brand of fame, by playing free concerts to different place that booked them. This amazing new rock band opened for Nine Inch Nails, during the fall of 2008 at the “Lights in the Sky” Tour. Their first album The Smell, was recorded by DNT records and they were named Best Band in California by “Phoenix” magazine. Their music is unique yet raw talent, which has been described as borderline insane and artfully crated noise by many listeners. However, their career continues thriving, as they do what they love best…rocking out for their loyal fans! They also, have a self titled album as well as other projects they have worked on in the past in their own community.

Now, they have released a new album titled “Get color” that focuses on the music and no longer qualifies them as noisemakers with the music critics. They also have a fan following on social networks like Facebook and Myspace, as well as an internet show called HEALTHvision. Plus, they have created their own designer clothing, which can be found on their website.

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Singles & EPs
  • Crystal Castles vs. Health "Crimewave" (2007)
  • Crystal Castles//Health 7" Split (2007)
  • Perfect Skin +RMX 7" (2008)
  • Heaven +RMXS 12" (2008)
  • Triceratops//Lost Time +RMXS 12" (2008)
  • //M\\ 7" (2008)
  • Die Slow 7" (2009)
Listen songs:
Triceratops (Remix)
Perfect Skin