Brava Spectre

Brava Spectre [Special]

Brava Spectre ( Spazz Jazz / Art Grind / Noise-Metal Bebop) is quartet from some place in New London CT called Montville and produce some of the most brutal and ear-assaulting music

Keep in mind the haphazard guitar and drums style of Hella and the ravaging volume of Lightning Bolt and you just might be prepared to receive the carefully wrapped sonic gifts Brava Spectre has to offer.

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2007 - Collection (2005-2007)
2009 - Brava Spectre EP
2009 - The Hands​, The Water, The Hands​ That Occupy The Water
2010 - Cuss Tongue EP
2010 - Bermuda Nights Cosmosingle

Listen songs:
The Lioness Eye Tamed My Open Palm