King Snake Roost

King Snake Roost [Special]

King Snake Roost, also known as KSR, were one of a number of Australian and International bands who emerged from punk rock in the mid 1980s to be defined as post-punk. Later, this description changed to noise rock. King Snake Roost formed in 1985 in Adelaide and in 1987 the band moved to Sydney.

The band broke up in 1990 after a two month tour of the USA. In Australia and the USA the band played with some of the most influential noise bands of the 1980s, including Sonic Youth, Big Black, Mudhoney, Helmet, Babes In Toyland, Lubricated Goat, feedtime and The Mark of Cain. KSR played at some prestigious 1980s US venues, including, CBGB and Maxwell's.

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1987 - From Barbarism To Christian Manhood
1088 - Things That Play Themselvs
1990 - Ground into the Dirt

1987 - Top End Killer
1987 - Raw Cuts
1988 - Buffalo Bob / More Than Love
1989 - Split With Bloodloss

1989 - Dope, Guns 'N' Fucking In The Streets 1-3
1989 - 3 Countries For Sale
1990 - Hard To Believe: A Kiss Covers

Listen songs:
Buffalo Bob (live)
Top End Killer
Acid Heart
Can Of Worms