XBXRX [Special]

XBXRX is an American noise rock-influenced punk band formed in 1998 in Mobile, Alabama, USA. Their early sound very new wave-influenced, but is now more improvised and deconstructed, moving away from using the synthesizers that typify new wave. They are a collective with a revolving cast of musicians, including Steve Touchstone, Weasel Walter, and Vice Cooler.

In 2002, Wesley Willis wrote a song dedicated to the band. For many years the collective resided in Oakland, California, where they finished working on their last full length record, Wars, which was released in April 2007. In 2008 they were working on a record of improv based pieces titled "Sound" and splits with Mika Miko and Japanther. As of 2010 they have regrouped, and relocated to Los Angeles releasing new music and playing shows around California with their new line up.
Their real names are a mystery. But their sound was unmistakable: a synth-enhanced noise rock explosion laced with verbal nonsense that defied comparison. XBXRX formed in Mobile, AL, in the spring of 1998 and headed into the studio when the lead guitarist had not yet entered high school. The Singer/Other Guitar Player, the Bass Player, the Guitar Player, the Drummer, and the Keyboard Player debuted with Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 on NFJM in 1998 and released singles and EPs with Anal Log, Troubleman, Sound on Sound, and Arkam.

A full-length full of discordant fury, Gop Ist Minee was released on 5RC in 2001. The band toured with the likes of Unwound, Deerhoof, Q and Not U, and the Sissies, wearing various uniforms and playing short, frenzied sets. Four venues in their hometown of Mobile banned them, as did the city of Sunnyvale, CA.

XBXRX broke up in the spring of 2002, though they released some previously recorded albums, such as Mardi Gras, a collaboration with Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat. The breakup proved short-lived as the band released Sixth in Sixes in September 2005, this time on the Polyvinyl label. Wars followed in 2007, preceded by a handful of 7" singles and concert-only promos.

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Singles, EPs

  • "xbxrx" CD-R (1998)
  • "Song Known As" (1998)
  • "We Are All Dying" (1998)
  • "Science In The Shape Of Birds" (split with Quintron, Bobby Conn, Zeek Sheck) (2000)
  • "Hold Onto Your Skulls" (2001)
  • "Mardi Gras" (2001)
  • "Split with Sick Lipstick" (2002)
  • Clear EP (2002)
  • 10 Bands (split with Erase Errata, Tracy And The Plastics and Peaches) (2002)
  • "We Hate The President" (2003)
  • "Last" (2004)
  • "split with Total Shutdown" (double 5") (2005)
  • "split with An Albatross" (2005)
  • "O" 7" (2010)
  • P.O.W! records presents... Knockout!!! (2000)
  • Troubleman Unlimited Mixtape (2002)
  • Kitra Vol. 3 (2001)
Listen songs:
Beat Rolls On
I Can See
Center Where Sight 128
See Skies
"Infancy of Millions Pt. 1"