Black Congress

Black Congress are a noise rock/hardcore band hailing from Texas, which is probably a difficult task seeing as how you are likely to be seen under the big shadow of the Jesus Lizard.


Before Black Congress goes on one gets a twinge of forboding, not exactly knowing what the band is about to do to you, namely lead singer Bryan Jackson. The band's metallic wall of sound fits Jackson's embattled and bitter persona perfectly. It allows him to exercise almost no restraint, bellowing and dancing into the crowd like the bastard son of the late Bon Scott. He taunts and hectors at the throng, showering himself and them with a twelver of Pabst Blue Ribbon like an exorcist unleashing demons.

The band is all-star cast of Houston heavy illuminati all old hands at huge blasts of noise. Producer Chris Ryan on drums, Dann Miller on bass, and Bret Shirley and everyone's favorite bar-slinger Roy Mata on guitars. The material is in able and experienced hands, even when it sounds like it's about ready to derail the next train that comes loping by on the tracks behind the venue.

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Black Congress - Slums of Heaven
Black Congress - Davidians
Black Congress - London's Burning
Black Congress - Live at the mansion


2010 - Defeated (ep)
2010 - Slums of Heaven (ep)
2010 - Davidians (ep)