Born out of the dark, industrial city of Cleveland, Lockweld have been creating sounds since 1993. Using found electronics and industrial machinery, members Karen (rhythms/electronics/vocals), and Steve (machine noises/vocals) take the listener on a nightmarish journey through a factory of pure sonic mayhem. They soon found friends and gained mass acceptance in the undergound industrial/harsh noise scene. Getting praise from legendary artists and groups like Merzbow, Whitehouse, and Haters, The, after several vinyl singles, split releases, and appearances on compilations, their debut CD "All the Power" was released on California's Vinyl Communications label.
They have since put out three other discs, including one on the popular Ground Fault Recordings label. During live performances, Steve uses found metals, wood, concrete, and other materials, with contact mikes which are destroyed by the use of hand grinders, circular saws, chainsaws, impact wrenches, jack hammers, routers, lectro etching units, lathes, etc…

Karen then manipulates the sounds through Lockweld's arsenal of electronics. Live performances also include split vocals by Karen and Steve. In recent performances and in future performances, fire plays a large role visually and audibly.Actual industrial machinery is used to create sounds that are used on releases. Lockweld use the machinery to create discordant sounds lined with rhythms, drones, and sometimes harsh, sometimes minimal electronic bursts. Vocals are a large part of Lockweld's recordings. Usually buried or distorted by both Karen and Steve. Subject matter of thelyrics range from social problems to everyday life.



1997 - Lockweld / Japanese Torture Comedy Hour
1997 - All The Power
2000 - Eutectic
2001 - Industrial Requiem
2003 - Mel Pig
2003 - Haters, The / Lockweld
2003 - 8 Cuts
Singles & EPs
1996 - Machines Of War
1998 - Integrity (2) / Lockweld - Integrity / Serenity Of The Once Lost
1998 - Blueprint Theories
2000 - Ultra Go
2004 - The Timeless Art Of Destruction
2006 - Corner Radius Theory