Ossification of Sound

Just two months after release of "Audiodrome“ album, Third I are returning with a new record named "Sound Ossification". Snapshot represents new experiment and playing with sounds that this duo tends to.
 What is this release all about? Until a few decades ago our environment was filled with pleasant sounds of nature, trees, rivers, ... Today, our "natural" sound is sound of machines, concrete, installation ... " Sound Ossification " is just that easy, almost unnoticed process of transformation of pleasant sound into the noise, and the set of (un)pleasant noises which we have become surrounded by so many, in fact that we are not often aware of their existence in our nearest environment (apartment, street, workplace,...). This is an attempt to isolate sounds from the environment and re-introduce it to the individuals, so we could again become aware of our (before pleasant sound, now noisy one) environments.

Third I have begun to deal with this subject on their EP release "The Birds" (download from www.archive.org/), so "Sound Ossification" can be considered as a continuation of this story.
*Noise is nothing but a sound osiffication

The disc is issued by Sarajevo label "Human Cross rec.", in a limited edition. CD is available at Human Cross records.

Human Cross rec.
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Third I

Bolest Evropa /Third I - Wired (excerpt)

Wired is Bolest Evropa and Third I sound collaboration,
published on Mrtvaja label.