Iszoloscope is an industrial band from Aylmer, Quebec, Canada, currently based in Montreal, formed in 1999 by CHUO 89.1 FM (the University of Ottawa's radio station) DJs Yann Faussurier and François Bénard, creating heavily processed ambience and bristling noisy beats. Iszoloscope pushes the abstract conceptualization of isolation and its induced altered states of consciousness into a powerful, ominous, and immersive dark sonic aesthetic that can be called its very own, creating a seamless fusion of industrial, electro-acoustic, ambient, rhythmic noise, psy-trance and break-core.
Yann Faussurier underwent a lot of introspection before arriving at the sinister, squalling noise he now produces, dismissive of any mainstream music ("it always has been a real joke to me"), and finding his place on the vast musical continuum through immersive videogames and multi media which combine moody action and eerie soundtracks. After becoming acquainted with the menacing atmospherics of artists like The Future Sound of London, Coil, Deutsch Nepal, Numb, Morgenstern, Goblin, Yuzo Koshiro, Converter, Ah Cama-Sotz, Xorcist, Haujobb, DJ Producer, Gridlock, Merzbow, Black Lung and Scorn, Faussurier began DJing at CHUO with friend François Bénard. The two started composing original music together in 1999.
Iszoloscope quickly gathered momentum through weekly radio broadcasts and renditions at local alternative electronic music events. In 2001, Iszoloscope gained world-wide attention performing at the German underground music festival Maschinenfest and released its debut album, Coagulating Wreckage, on Belgium's Spectre. By then, however, Bénard had already quit the project.
After gathering field-recorded samples, Faussurier manipulates them with all sorts of effects with no preconceived ideas of the result. The processed samples end up sounding nothing like the source material, which is what makes albums like Aquifère (Ant-Zen, 2002) and Au Seuil du Néant (Ant-Zen, 2003) sound so alien. A lot of electronic music tends to be bold and shimmering; Iszoloscope's sound is more jagged and elusive.
Iszoloscope has remixed countless artists, appeared on dozens compilations, produced 5 more full length albums on the European labels Ant-Zen & Spectre (Aquifère, Au Seuil du Néant, Les Gorges Des Limbes, The Audient Void and The Edge of Certainty) along with several EPs and collaborations on the labels YB-70, Ad Noiseam, and Spectre. Iszoloscope has also executed 8 successful European and American tours, and a myriad of shows at international events in Australia, Japan, Europe, and North America. In recent years, Iszoloscope's live and studio lineup has also included Shane Whitbread, Guillaume Nadon and Frédéric Scarfone.
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