Formed in late 2007, Tel-Aviv, Israel's duo Carusella was the musical project of guitarist and singer Tamar Aphek and drummer and singer Guy Shechter.
Carusella is the culmination of years of writing and playing songs in other renowned bands in the Israeli scene.
In late 2008 Carusella independently released a debut album which gained massive recognition from the Israeli and European media. In their two years activety, the band toured massively in Europe and the United States managing to play over 200 shows. Have taken part in respected festivals such as SXSW in Austin TX, Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City IA, Fusion Festival in Lars Field, Germany, DUNAjam in Sardinia, Italy, and shared stage with bands such as Editors, Deerhoof, Torche, Kylesa and many more.
In using only guitar and drums, they stretched boundaries in their writing to deliver a fresh kind of genuine . Heavy and aggressive yet arranged almost poppy and catchy at the same time.
Carusella's show is placed in the center of the room, closely sharing their tensed chemistry and explosive charged energies with the crowd.
They are literally the meaning of "Boy-Girl", "Super Loud", and "Two Are Enough".
In August 2011 Carusella announce they are splitting up.
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Carusella are from Tel-Aviv/Israel. They are a duo, drum&guitar, heavy indie/math. Think of bands like Shellac, PJ Harvey, Dyse, Motorhead. They played Europe before in other bands, like Montotonix and ED. Although the first album is not out yet, they are already getting very promising reviews:
"On the drums, one of the busiest virtuosos bashers… you have to catch them live to believe (or not to believe) what this guy can do with a pair of sticks"
"Tamar induces a feeling of a diva from hell, authoritative and enchanting talented writer" 

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