Dopethrone is a / band that was established in March 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a completely D.I.Y. project in the very core of Hochelaga. After only 3 weeks of legendary drunkenness and sacred bong worship, the member of Dopethrone had already composed 4 songs and were planning out a concept for an album.
A year later, the new album: "DEMONSMOKE" was materialized. In the spirit of "Do-It-Yourself", The Logo and concept was created by Vincent (guitar - vocals), the recording by Thomas (drummer) and the CD was produced by Vyk (bassist).
In 2011 Dopethrone released "Dark Foil" and the followed it in 2012 with "III" both were recorded by their Thomas (drummer) and produced by Vyk (bassist).
Dopethrone has members of: Vatican, Blight, Unquintessence, (ex) Excreted Cowboy and (ex) Fatal Flaw. 
- - - 
"DOPETHRONE are the kind of humans that eat the blues for lunch and wash it all down with a giant jug of crust punch!  This is one of those bands that will have the crusty punks head banging right next to the stoners, both united under the bad sign of doom." 
- - -
DOPETHRONE from Montreal, a band that came into existence on one of these nights of improv, one of those nights of “constructive substance abuse”… One of these nights were you know you had a great time/but you can’t remember much of it… We just kept babbling about the fact that there’s not enough heavy southern soundin’ stoner shit up here in MTL, and then realized that instead of talking about it, we could JUST DO IT… And make it happen. At first, it was all about living the moment, a jam band…
Our major influences are Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey, Weedeater, Bongzilla, Sleep, Brainoil and some ol’ time blues...

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