Cyril Meysson

Cyril M. is a french (Lyon, France) musician focused on improvisation,
influenced by psychedelism, noise music and the underground scene of Japan.

His activities draws from radical psychedelism (Noyades) to electro-acoustic improvisation in MurMur(s), and also playing drums in Sathönay (a collective/band led by Nico Poisson), alongside with his solo project involving mostly prepared guitar. Unstable and lively, between subtle minimmalism and raging noise, this expanded approach of the guitar emerges through intense gestures and manipulations that leads to electroacoustic fields, alongside with percussions and hypnotic harmonies.

Besides live performances, his activities recently extended to holding improvisation,
noise and instruments preparations workshops towards all kinds of audiences.

Ongoing projects:
- solo
- Lady Fitness
- Meysson/Loubatière Duo
- MurMur(s)
- Noyades
- Torgnole

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