Die Form [Special]

Die Form [Special]

Die Form have been making their own distinctively unsettling brand of dark electronic music for nearly two decades. Comprised of synthesist/vocalist Philippe Fichot and vocalist Eliane P, Die Form's approach to electronic music is stark, sensual, and strikingly beautiful - filled with operatic overtones, classical textures, tribalism, and the type of sensual imagery that is normally kept hidden deep within our most intimate closets.

It is the band's imagery that has garnered them the most notoriety - elements of bondage and sadomasochism continually pepper their albums, but these images are used with a strong sense of good taste. Die Form raises erotica to an art form that is not to be surpassed in the field. Sensuality, not just sexuality, is their guiding light. This approach to sensuality is evident in their music. Soothing, pulsing, filled with Gregorian-styled female vocals, yet also underpinned with a darkness that leaves the listener slightly off-balance - the music of Die Form is as beautiful as your first encounter with love, yet just as disquieting as discovering this same lover in the arms of an incubus.

Duality was the duo's Metropolis debut: a musical study of the opposites of light and dark, male and female, beauty and tragedy, acoustic and electronic, and, as always, love and passion. Die Form's exploration continued in 1999 with Histories, a 20-year synopsis of their journey up until then. Die Form returned in 2000 with Extremum which was to be a reflection on the absurd, the madness, and the excessivness of culture and society.

In addition to Die Form, Philippe Fichot has had many side projects over the last 20 years, which were included on AKT, a double CD featuring many of these side-projects. Also released in 2002 was a series of re-mastered and re-vamped re-releases of early Die Form albums. The re-issued material consisted of: Die Puppe, Some Experiences With Shock, Poupee Mechanique, Archives & Documents, Corpus Delecti, Photogrammes, Confessions, Ad Infinitum, Suspiria De Profundus and L'Ame Electrique.

Die Form's 2004 album, InHuman, was the first part of a diptych that was completed by 2006's ExHuman. Marking an evolution, but also a renewal as far as tools, technique and composition are concerned, InHuman exonerated the French S&M band to new levels of musical genius. Éliane's vocals hold a prominent place as a revealer of emotions, contrasting with the dark universe of images, the cruelty of some of the lyrics and the para-mechanical option of Phillippe's electronic music. Among other things, the diptych was about the pact between the human and the animal, the agony of the soul, forbidden loves, murderous madness, the spirit of the forest, and the sacrifice of nature.

The framework of the first part, InHuman, was nature, real or rebuilt, where the elements have been reorganized in order to get a new reality, invisible to the naked eye, bordering on the very essence of the being, “born of the consensual confrontation of love and death,” while ExHuman dealt with man's surroundings and the effects that they have on him. Together, these two avant-garde pieces gave an extraordinary observation and critical analysis of mankind and the forces around and within him.

For more than 25 years, Die Form’s artistic appeal has been their seamless fusion of music, photography, performance, and experimental film. This can be seen through their diverse fan group ranging from lawyers to laborers and from students to artists. Their haunting compositions have always exhibited classical nuances while remaining rooted in advanced electronics. In 2007, Die Form was invited to perform a selection of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works re-arranged as an audio-video show at the Bach Fest in Leipzig, Germany. The response to their interpretation of Bach was so overwhelming, that it warranted a CD release.

Bach Project is 13 selected pieces of Bach’s work created using organic, electronic, and neo classical elements with experimental structures, classical harmonies, and vocals. The marriage of Die Form’s music and Bach’s compositions is something that cannot be imagined, only experienced. Die Form will take hold of your soul, and lead you into dark rooms you never knew existed. It will lead you to a stranger's bed; it will caress your mind with such soft intensity as to leave you helplessly awaiting your lover's return. It will join the darkest corners of your mind with the most blinding light that your love has to offer. Die Form offers more than just music. It offers a doorway into corridors you never knew were there.

Be daring, and open the door.

1978 - Die Form 1
1982 - Die Puppe
1984 - Some Experiences With Shock
1986 - Virgin Flavour 2
1988 - Archives & Documents (1983-1988) Edition 2 CD1
1988 - Archives & Documents (1983-1988) Edition 2 CD2
1988 - Photogrammes
1990 - Corpus Delicti
1991 - Ad Infinitum
1992 - Confessions
1994 - Suspiria De Profundis
1995 - L’âme Électrique
1996 - Vicious Circle
1997 - Duality
1998 - Histories CD 1
1998 - Histories CD 2
2000 - Extremum
2001 - AKT Sideprojects & Experimental Collection I
2001 - AKT Sideprojects & Experimental Collection II
2004 - InHuman
2005 - The Visionary Garden
2006 - ExHuman
2008 - Bach Project

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DIE FORM -VIDEOGRAPHY VOL 1 ( D.F. Sadist School, Ukiyo 1998-Jan-31)
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