Oxbow [Special]

Oxbow [Special]

San Francisco-based Oxbow, fronted by nightmarish wailing ocalist Eugene Robinson (reminiscent of David Yow in Scratch Acid), concocted an insane free-form collage of atonal instruments (notably Niko Wenner's guitar), vocal rants, noise, punk energy, heavy-metal loudness, truculent stories and sheer nonsense on Fuckfest (Pathological, 1991), a short collection of six songs (Curse, 30 Miles, The Valley, Bull's Eye, Yoke, Hunger) and especially King of the Jews (CFY, 1992), with the lengthy Woe and The Balls In The Great Meat Grinder Collection, a glorious duet with Lydia Lunch.

After 1995's Steve Albini-produced Let Me Be A Woman Oxbow signed to the SST label for 1997's Serenade In Red, which featured guest vocals from Marianne Faithfull. They released a split EP with the Italian band White Tornado in 1999, followed by the sub-bluesy An Evil Heat in 2002, this time on Neurot Recordings.

The CD/DVD set Love That's Last: A Wholly Hypnographic And Disturbing Work Regarding Oxbow arrived in 2006 on Hydra Head and compiled a number of tracks culled from compilation appearances, live cuts, and their own back catalogue.

The band returned in 2007 with The Narcotic Story (Hydra Head), another hellish excursion into Eugene Robinson's harrowing stream of consciousness, though this time fully embracing a sort of slow-burning, infernal blues sparser than Oxbow's more metallic styles, and, paradoxically much, much heavier.

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